Abusive babysitter slaps 8-month-old baby while playing on her phone

Abusive babysitter slaps 8-month-old baby while playing on her phone

WARNING: This article contains a disturbing video.

It's a scary thought for any parent to hear news about maid abuse. Of course, when a parent hires a babysitter or nanny, they do so with the hope that the nanny would take care of their little one. 

Sadly, it's not always the case, as incidents of nanny abuse do happen.

This time, a babysitter in Taiwan was caught hitting and slapping an 8-month-old baby girl who was under her care. Read on to find out more about what happened.

Nanny Abuse: Why Did the Maid Hit the Baby?

At first, the 26-year-old maid can be seen checking her mobile phone. Then, she gets rough with the baby girl. She places the baby on her back, after which she violently slaps the baby's chest.

She keeps hitting the baby, and at one point drags her off to the side, while she plays on her phone. Shortly after, she goes up to the baby, and then slaps the baby's chest once more. All the while, she's playing on her smartphone. The tiny girl is wailing in distress. 

The child's parents shared that the woman was also supposed to take care of two other children that day. The child's father, Lee Chun, shares, "If this were your child, would you be able to accept this kind of treatment?"

He added that they confronted the nanny after seeing the video, and the nanny justified her actions. She said that it was "normal," and "that was nothing."

A case has been filed against the nanny, who is under investigation for mistreatment.

Watch the troubling video below:

Preventing Nanny Abuse

Let's face it, taking care of kids can be difficult. You can sometimes feel angry, frustrated, or just stressed out.

While we're not trying to justify nanny abuse, it's important to know why some nannies hurt the babies they should be taking care of. That's why we listed down some useful things to say to your babysitter that may help lessen the chance of abuse happening.

1. It's normal for babies to cry

Crying can be frustrating, and annoying sometimes, but it's important to let your babysitter know that it's not personal. If a baby cries, it means that they're trying to tell something. So make sure that your babysitter can keep calm and not get frustrated or annoyed if your baby starts to cry.

2. Tell the sitter where a 'safe place' is for your baby

Babies have a "safe place" where they're most comfortable in. It could be a crib, a bed, or on the floor. If your maid or babysitter starts to get frustrated, they can try leaving your little one in their safe space while they try to calm down and relax, before taking care of the baby once more.

3. Give them a checklist

List down important things, such as any food allergies, what your baby likes, or dislikes, etc. Having a checklist can make it easier for your babysitter or maid to care for your baby.

4. Distraction is important

Babies are easily distracted, and it's also a good way of getting a baby to stop crying.

5. Fun and games helps a lot

Games help your baby relax, and they also help the babysitter bond with your child. They're a good way of making sure that your little one is cared for by your babysitter.

6. Stick to the scheduled naptime

Babies can get cranky if they don't get enough sleep. So make sure that your maid or babysitter follows your child's sleep schedule to avoid any problems.

7. Give them your number

Lastly, it's always a good idea to leave your number with your maid/babysitter. That way, if anything happens, or if they get too stressed out, they can easily contact you.


Source: The Sun

Photo screencapped from: YouTube

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