How to treat myopia in Singapore kids

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Read on to find out why myopia is reported to be more common in Singapore kids, and about the new treatment that helps delay its progression.

What is myopia?

According to Dr Gerard Nah, Medical Director of the W Eye Clinic, myopia is a condition that results in the eye being unable to focus on objects from a distance. “It could be due to either the eyeball being too long, or the optical system of the eye being disproportionately powerful,” he added.

myopia in singapore kids

Myopia in Singapore kids: Find out why myopia is reported to be more common in Singapore kids.

As such images come to focus even before they reach the retina (the nerve layer of the eye made up of special sensors). This doesn’t cause problems when viewing images up close, but as the image gets further away, it becomes blurred and hard to view.

Dr Nah shares that childhood myopia refers to the occurrence of myopia that develops in kids and teenagers below the age of 16.

Myopia in Singapore kids

While myopia is a common vision problem in kids worldwide, it is more prevalent in children of Asian descent.

A 2012 study led by Ian Morgan and a team of researchers from the Australian National University shows that up to 90% of kids and young adults in major East Asian countries, including China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and South Korea, are nearsighted. Meanwhile, the overall rate of myopia in the U.K. is only about 20% to 30%.

myopia in singapore kids

Could the great pressure to do well in school be the root cause of myopia in Singapore kids?

Morgan believes that this is due to the great pressure on Asian children to succeed in school, which leads to kids spending too much time reading books indoors and not enough time being exposed to natural sunlight.

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