Yay yipee yay! My son's PSLE results are out and they ARE good

Yay yipee yay! My son's PSLE results are out and they ARE good

Yesterday I shared my nervousness with all of you, so if you're wondering how my son did for the PSLE, here it is!

So, I'm bidding farewell to the jittery days and sleepless nights. My child's PSLE results are out and he did better than we had expected. Not a WOW result, but pretty great for his standard.

He did it! And I'm so proud of him.

When I received my child's PSLE results

But I wasn't sure which way the results would go, till that very last nerve-racking moment where the kids were in the classrooms, and all us parents were pressing our noses against the windows to see the reaction on their faces when the teacher handed over the results slip to them. Just thinking about that moment makes me tense -- even delivering him didn't bring me such anguish.

Some parents may be over the moon right now and out celebrating with their kids or buying them that 'bribe gift' they were promised while others may be disappointed and worried about not having an aggregate score to get into the Secondary school of their choice.

But you know what -- regardless of the results, I am sure that all mums across the island are relieved that it's finally over and we can all move on to what the next thing is that should be done. We mums are finally off the emotional roller coaster that we have been riding on, not knowing the fate of our children.

When Taj ran up to me with the result slip (of course, I was filming the entire process like a crazy mum whose son just won a Grammy), I glanced down, saw the A* and the 3 As, and did a quick check that the slip was his (yes, I looked at his name, checking that it wasn't someone else's slip. So much for having faith and believing in your child!).

Better than I had expected

He did better than I had expected, and I was secretly hoping for it, but now it had turned into a reality.

Everything seemed to have culminated into this moment- the second I look at the results slip, everything will be over and set in stone. And it was.

It would seem that the amount of time, money and energy placed into the studying for the PSLE was not for naught.

Questions like "What if he has a score that doesn't allow him to get into the school of his choice?" or "Is he worried that he will now be separated from all his friends here in ACS?"  All those thoughts came flooding into my head.

When asked about how he felt, his face turned into a grin and he expressed that he didn't think he would get an A* in Math. "That paper was tricky! Guess my hard work paid off. Yay, I can stay with my ACS family - now can I get my new iPhone 6S pleaseeeee? You promised!"

Of course! Whatever you want, my boy.

He did his best

Yes, my son did not too bad, not too great too. But he did HIS best. That was all that mattered to me. To us.

To all PSLE mums and dads, congratulations for making it to the end of this crazy journey with your child. Many sacrifices were made this year, a lot of tuition money spent. A lot of tears. A lot of sweat.

Singaporeans place a great deal of importance on PSLE results. The examination is seen as the first major yardstick for our children, the first branch in the road that opens up into a myriad of opportunities.

While the PSLE results may seem as a finish line, the end of an ordeal encompassing 6 whole years of learning, it is not the end. Should your child not be able to enter his or her school of choice, please don't flip. Sit down and think of other options that matches up with your child's potential.

Don't just focus on the PSLE score

In the Ministry of Educations' Press release, they state that all schools "seek to maximise the potential of every student that comes to them". There are still many years of education ahead for your child, opportunities to be grasp even if they have eluded your child thus far.

Fellow parents, when you look at the grades, don't just focus on it, but think of your child first, for that's what's more important.

Now, go! Make today a day to celebrate!

Goodbye, PSLE. Well, till next year, where we battle it out again. Yup, I have another son who's sitting for it in 2016. Aaahhh... the stress continues....

How did your child fair in the PSLE? We would love to hear from you. Drop a comment in the box below!

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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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