My Santa Boy – Christina Foo’s labour story

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Christina Foo shares her labour story with about the most magical Christmas gift she and her husband ever received!

It was the week before Christmas 2010 and I was 36 weeks pregnant with my second child and hoping to enjoy the last few weeks of my pregnancy. But when I went for a check-up, my gynecologist told me the baby was in an engaged position and that I was already dilated by 2cm. What’s more, I was even having minor contractions!


The gynecologist then told me that my baby could be born any time during that Christmas week…or even on Christmas day! Were we really going to have a Christmas baby? I waited the whole week, but continued to experience only minor contractions and there were no signs of labour. So I was admitted to hospital on Christmas eve.

Christmas baby

Was Santa going to give us a baby for Christmas?

When a midwife checked, dilation was still at just 2cm. She said if there was no further progression, I would have to be induced. She also gave me an enema to clean my bowels. At 3am the next day, the midwife checked me again and because I hadn’t dilated any further, decided I would have to be induced.

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