My mum, my saviour

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SHK shares her labour story with

1st March 2007, the day I became a mum. And what made is more special was having my own mum watching me becoming a mum.

What's the right age to have a baby

I was admitted the day before as I have already reached my due date. Being a single mum, I have no companion to share my labour.

The father of my child had never wanted to be part of it. I was induced at 11pm although i was already in the ward at 5pm. the waiting game was the longest wait I have ever had but i know it will be worth it. When I was induced, I was scared.

An hour later i was back to the normal ward. At 3am, I could feel the pain. I had no one to turn to. I did not want to disturb my family as I’m sure everyone is asleep. Having no husband didn’t help either. I stayed in the toilet for a long time because every contraction it feel like I need to pass urine.

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