My First Skool: Caring from the heart, for the love of our children

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My First Skool has been around for decades and has educated generations of children. Learn about their longevity and why families love them.

“Raising a child takes a village”, and as a mum, I cannot agree more.

With the right support system, parenting can be smoother so parents are assured of peace of the mind when they are away.

An important consideration is the right caregivers for your children.

So, I made a trip to one of the three branches of My First Skool in Yishun where many kids are cared for by their grandparents while their parents are at work. But, why do their parents send them to childcare/preschool if family members are available?

During my visit, I found out that a certain child is in this school because his mum used to be from the same school! That certainly spiked my mummy senses to unearth more facts!

Impacting young children in more ways than one

Our children are learning everyday whether we realise it or not. And at school, teachers have an instrumental role in nurturing a child’s attitude and development.

While speaking to Mrs. Wani, the Principal of My First Skool at Block 769A Yishun Ring Road, I found out that one of the teachers has taught across two generations of a family! In fact, this teacher is currently teaching her ex-student’s son – talk about dedication and passion for nurturing the young.

my first skool

This is Mdm. Chen Xiaoling who has been teaching at My First Skool for 20 years! Surely, the love of her job and passion in education has taken her further than she thought.

With committed teachers at school, and a holistic approach to educate inquisitive young minds, My First Skool envisions to bring out the best of each child and prepare them for primary school.

Through the six learning domains (namely, Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Discovery of the World, Motor Skill Development, Aesthetics and Creative Expression, Self and Emotional Development) school becomes a window to learning about self and others.


How do the children at My First Skool in Yishun learn about self and the community? Find out how interaction with the elderly is a lesson in itself!

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