“My Father, My Art” Exhibition

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It is so easy to forget the importance of fathers in a child's life. With this in mind, TCC Connisseur Concerto and the Centre for Fathering organised an exhibition honouring the special bond between fathers and their little ones.

An everlasting bond is sealed at the very first instance of a mother’s touch upon her baby’s cheek. Sometimes, this bond is so strong that we overlook the other half of the equation – daddy. And try as we might, it is so easy to forget their importance in a child’s life. With this in mind, TCC Connisseur Concerto and the Centre for Fathering came together to organise this initiative, honouring the special bond between fathers and their little ones.

The Centre for Fathering Singapore (CFF) was established in 2000 and has since been dedicated to the advocating responsible parenting for fathers.

On the 13th of July, overseen by Guest-of-Honour Minister of Parliament, Mr Seah Kian Peng, fatherhood was celebrated with the opening ceremony of the event. Entitled “My Father, My Art” – a clever wordplay on the notion of My Father, My Heart – the event involved a day long workshop to facilitate bonding between the partners. The 26 father-child pairs that took part in the event got to know each other better while they were engaged in a range of activities in the course of the day.

The highlights of the workshop were the art pieces carefully handpainted by the pairs, each forming expressions of the true depth of the bond between the fathers and their little ones. In the long hours they toiled over their art pieces, the partners got to see not only their artwork flourish, but also witness things they never knew abou each other come to light. And the result at the end o the day – a special tale, unique to each pair, woven into their works of art.

It might have been an event advocating fostering of paternal bonds, but even the mothers were left impressed. “It is so natural for mothers to bond with their children but for fathers, they have to put in extra effort to do so. Thus, I support the Centre of Fathering for doing a great job in this area,” says mother Geraldine Heng regarding the efforts put in to promote the crucial presence of a father in a child’s growing years.

Be sure to pay a visit and catch the stunning artwork display at TCC Connoisseur Concerto @Circular Road (art gallery) till 30 September 2011.  Each lovingly crafted piece is up for sale, so support the cause and purchase them! Proceeds will go to furthering the initiatives at the Centre for Fatherin Singapore.

Find out more about the CFF at their official website, http://fatheringmatters.com/sg/.

My Father My Art: A Joint Artistic Collaboration – Exhibition
Jul 08, 2011 – Sep 30, 2011
tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto @ The Gallery
Sun to Thur & P.H: 11am to midnight
Fri, Sat & Eve of P.H: 11am to 2am

For more information, visit http://www.theconnoisseurconcerto.com/

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