My Birth Story of Aaliyah

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One of our readers shared her labour story with us!

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Saturday, 27 November 2010 – Two days after Hon’s (hubby’s) birthday. Hon and I were out on a date in town, just after my checkup at Gleneagles in the morning. Dr Yam said I was 1/2 cm dilated when he checked. Ok, no biggie, I thought. Still a long way to go. I told Dr Yam about how my stomach felt rock hard at times. He scheduled to meet me in 3 days, saying what I was feeling could be contractions.

After the check-up, Hon and I walked to Orchard Road with the plan of catching a movie and shopping. Our first stop was Tanglin Mall, which is quite near Gleneagles. We decided to have lunch first. While walking, I felt my stomach tense up again. I continued walking, albeit slowly. During lunch, I felt an intense pain in my tummy, the same kind of pain I get during my menses. I went to the toilet thinking it could be constipation so I sat it out. But the pain was still there. After an unbearable half an hour in the toilet, I went back to the restaurant. Hon had already finished eating. I ate a bit more and told him that we may have to take a rain check on our date. I called my cousin and asked her what contractions felt like. She advised me to time the intervals of the bouts of pain, but what I felt was pain all the time! She dismissed it as stomach discomfort. I thought it may just be nerves I was feeling. I told Hon that I wanted to go home and rest. So we flagged a cab and headed home.

5pm: Once home, I laid on my bed, too agonized by the pain to sleep. Hon advised me to call my doctor again. His nurse advised me to get myself warded right away. Luckily everything was ready. I had no time to take a shower. In the cab, a list of things was running through my mind- all the ‘what ifs’. Then, we got stuck in a traffic jam. I told myself I could hold on.

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