4 Must-have items for pregnant and new mums

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Say good-bye to the aches and pains of pregnancy, and how you can regain your pre-pregnancy figure faster with the information in this article. Also find out how you can win a $300 worth hamper and a maternity shoot!

From that first little fluttering kick to the first time you cuddle your newborn… moments like these and more make pregnancy and motherhood beautiful experiences.

But as your developing baby grows and your tummy grows heavier, you may start to experience a few pregnancy woes, such as an aching back and pelvis. And how can we forget how hard it is for pregnant mums to find a comfortable sleeping position, especially in advanced pregnancy!

Then, after having your baby, you may be left wondering how you can ever get back to your pre-pregnancy size. Or you may experience tired, aching arms and back from supporting your little one during those early breastfeeding marathon sessions.

Is there a way you can prevent these and other challenges from getting in your way of remembering your pregnancy as a truly beautiful experience and enjoying new motherhood to the fullest? Yes there is — not one, but four actually — and we’re about to tell you what they are.


Enjoy your pregnancy and post-natal period to the fullest with the items we describe in this article.

Gentle support through pregnancy and the post-partum period

Mums-to-be and new mums, you just need the following four items to help ease some of those pregnancy and post-partum woes!

1. Bellybelt®

The Bellybelt® is a clever and simple way to continue wearing your favourite pants, jeans and shorts through your pregnancy. It also helps you save money as you don’t have to buy expensive maternity clothes.

Here are some of the features of the Bellybelt® which you will love:

  • Simple to use. Open the fly and button it in.
  • Instantly turns existing ‘button’ and ‘slide’ fastening clothes into maternity wear.
  • Great value having been awarded Australian Business Awards ‘best value product’ winner.
  • Includes fabric cover-ups to tuck in for modesty (Slip Bellybelt through cover up).
  • One size kit contains all colours and sizes needed.

Each Bellybelt® kit includes two elasticised Button-Up Bellybelts, two elasticised Slide Bellybelts and three coloured fabric cover-ups to mix and match.

Cost: $39.90

Available from: Mothercare

2. Bando™ by Fertile Mind™


The Bando provides great support for your pregnant tummy, helping to ward off nasty back and pelvis aches.

As your pregnancy progresses and your belly grows larger, you may start experiencing aches and pains, especially in your lower back and pelvis.

The Bando™ by Fertile Mind™ can help ease these aches by supporting your tummy and back. Offering good value for money, the Bando™  can also be used in other helpful ways during your pregnancy and into the postnatal period too.

Check out these great features:

  • Technical fabric supports and feels like no other maternity band.
  • Offers gentle support to the tummy and lower back.
  • Super stretchy, super comfortable.
  • Helps keep up jeans, pants and skirts.
  • Covers post-baby tummy area while breastfeeding and can also be used as a boob-tube.
  • Works well with Bellybelt®.

Available in sizes S-M (8-12) and M-L (12-16), the Bando™ comes in the colours black, white and silver grey.

Cost: $29.90

Available from: Mothercare

Is a good night’s sleep only a dream in your pregnancy? Not any more with the information on the next page!

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