Mums share hilarious stories about the struggle of pregnancy brain

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Pregnancy brain can lead to some pretty interesting and hilarious situations. These mums weren't shy to share some of their funniest mishaps!

Pregnancy brain is quite a handful for mothers-to-be. While it's not so funny at the time, it's easy to look back and reflect on those moments and laugh! These mums did just that, and they had no problem sharing the ridiculously funny things that pregnancy brain made them do. asked 14 mums to share their anecdotes and hilarious experiences. Check them out here, and let us know if you have anything that tops these hysterical pregnancy brain tales:

1. Sabrina Accardi

"I ordered a special ricotta birthday cake for my dad from one specific bakery, only to forget and send my husband to a different bakery to pick it up. I yelled and screamed at them [on the phone] and accused them of being negligent with their orders and said they were all incompetent. They felt so bad that they actually made us this special ricotta cake in three hours... I then later remembered that it was the wrong place."

2. Veronica Reis

"We all went to Chinatown for a Sunday lunch. On the way back to the car, we were looking at our reflections in the windows of a building and I noticed I was wearing two different pairs of running shoes. This was after being out for like four hours."

3. Toula Yannakis

"I got off the train and went to the parking lot where my husband was picking me up. I noticed I didn't have my purse. I was sure I left it on the train. We drove to the next stop to get there before the train did, but the purse wasn't there. I called to cancel one of my credit cards and they told me I couldn't cancel after 5 p.m. I was so frustrated. All that to finally realize I had left it at work and never even brought it on the train with me in the first place."

4. Francesca Caruana

"I Instagrammed a photo of my dog holding a 'happy birthday' sign for my sister. I even double-checked it just in case and then I posted it. Two seconds later, my sister calls me to make fun of me. I had misspelled 'happy birthday.'"

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