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You ask. Mums answer. Read on to find out why theAsianparent Groups is the right online community for you.

theasianparent groups

Get answers to all your questions on pregnancy and beyond!

The moment I realized I was pregnant, I joined an online forum. I had a million questions running through my head -- and who better to answer them than a community of more seasoned mums?

While there were plenty of forums that I could choose from, I quickly ran into a number of stone walls.

First, many of the questions I had were specific to me being an Asian mum: “Am I really not allowed to wash my hair at all during confinement?” “Is it safe to take Yomeishu while I’m breastfeeding?”

After the many “What is Yomeishu?” replies I received in response to my question, I soon realized that I had to rule out the international forums and just stick to local ones.

theasianparent groups

Second stone wall I faced was how confusing it was to navigate a traditional forum. Many of them just lumped their discussion threads randomly. I would find a marriage thread next to a breastfeeding engorgement thread next to a preschool centre review. Initially the chaos seemed novel, but over time, the sheer lack of structure made me abandon my membership as quickly as I signed up.

So when my CEO, Roshni, shared her vision of theAsianparent Groups with me earlier this year (yes, the perks of working in-house is you get to test a product before anyone else!), I was super excited. Let me share why.

theasianparent groups

"Am I doing enough in raising my child?" - Find out what other mums have to say on theAsianparent Groups!

This mama loves structure and organization

Unlike a traditional forum, theAsianparent Groups is structured as a Question and Answer community. The moment a mum signs up, she is prompted to join a minimum of three parenting-themed categories.

This nifty feature helps to ensure I see only the questions and answers that are related to the things I’m interested in every time I log in. It also gives me some control over the questions that appear on my homepage -- as opposed to seeing it flooded with random posts across all the categories on the Groups site.

theasianparent groups

Join a local group hosted across over 20 family-specific categories.

Huge support group of Asian mums

As the brand name suggests, most of the members on theAsianparent Groups are Asians! What this means is that most of them will be able to relate to the issues that I am currently going through as a Chinese mum.

Sometimes, I’m amazed at how helpful everyone is, despite not knowing each other in real life. Most of the times, you can expect to see replies to your questions in a few minutes after posting!

theasianparent groups

Here's a first look at the homepage of the groups.

It’s so easy to search for the answers to your questions

Besides browsing through the most recently updated questions and answers available on my feed, I can also enter a keyword in the search box to find all the relevant answers across the site (whether I am a member of the group or not). This way, I get to discover new groups and request to join and participate in the discussion.

theasianparent groups

Type your topic in the search box to get the answers you are looking for.

It’s safe to ask questions -- even the most embarrassing ones!

Let’s say you need to ask an embarrassing question online, but you’re not too keen to disclose your identity. The last thing you need is for your nosy friends and relatives to “see” you asking these questions and offer some “helpful” tips the next time you meet!

Ahh...now this is the reason why I am so glad there’s an option to post questions (and answer them) either publicly or anonymously on theAsianparent Groups. This way, no other parent will know that you were the “Anonymous” user behind the intriguing queries -- unless you choose to tell them.

theasianparent groups

Ask and answer questions anonymously - nobody will ever know, unless you tell them!

Keep track of questions you “Follow”

Okay, this has to be another of my favourite features on the Groups!

Remember how we all used to mark a question on forums with “Following”, “Ff,” “Up” or “Bump” just so we’d get notified the next time someone else posted a reply? Now, this step is complete unnecessary on the Groups.

All you need to do is to select the “Follow” option by clicking the arrow that sits on the right end of the question. Doing this will notify you of new replies to the question every time you sign in to theAsianparent Groups -- which takes me to my next (and last) point…

theasianparent groups

With the "Follow" feature, you can keep tabs on specific topics you're interested in. No need to backtrack!

Various options to log in

Being part of theAsianparent Groups is really easy! You can choose to log in using your Facebook, Google+ or email account.

So, are you ready to explore theAsianparent Groups and have a chat with fellow mums?

Join us by logging in to http://groups.theasianparent.com and do let us know what you think!

theasianparent groups

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