Mummies, are mosquito coils safe for your kids?

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With a desire to protect their babies from mosquito bites, mums may wonder if mosquito coils are a good idea. Read on to know if it’s really good for use with babies

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Burning just one mosquito coil can equal to the burning of between 50-130 of cigarettes, according to the US National Institute of Health.

As the number of Zika cases continue to increase, mosquito coils have become a common household item. With new parents wanting to protect their babies from mosquito bites, the question of whether mosquito coils are safe for babies keeps cropping up.

What does a mosquito coil do?

Mosquito coils acts as an insect-repelling incense that is spiral shaped. It is inexpensive and easy to use, with one coil lasting about 8 hours. It used to be available only in green, which produces a generally unpleasant smell, but technology has given rise to brands offering different colors and scents.

Are they safe to use?

People often miss the fact that mosquito coil was designed to be used in well-ventilated areas. If this condition is not available and mosquito coil is used (say, indoors in a closed room), there is a greater risk for coil emissions to pose significant acute and chronic health risks.

The US National Institute of Health has determined that burning just one coil can equal burning of between 50-130 cigarettes in terms of fine particles, deemed carcinogenic, in its smoke. Just imagine how much toxins one could possibly inhale in the course of an 8-hour sleep, wherein users even prop the mosquito coil beside their beds.

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