Mum reminds us with her post-baby body that “healthy” is better than “skinny”

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"This body should be celebrated and admired."

The post-baby body is something that plenty of mothers agonise over. Though there’s nothing quite as fulfilling as having a child, seeing your body stretch and sag and break can be a bit of a downer.

Blogger Laura Mazza of The Mum on the Run recently shared before and after photos on Facebook that went viral for all the right reasons. Before and after photos usually show someone getting ripped after months of gruelling diets and workout sessions, but this was different.

“No, this isn’t a before and after shot of weight loss,” Mazza wrote in her caption. “But it is a victory story. I write this from my heart. It hurts.”

“No stretch marks or scars from belly button piercings. A belly button that was high. A flat stomach,” she wrote of her pre-baby body. “I was always on a diet back then.”

Mazza used to diet so obsessively that she ended up making herself ill.

“I ate no carbs, and barely any vegetables. Just meat. But I loved it because I was losing weight rapidly and the more bones that protruded the more I valued myself. I ended up hating meat, and was always suffering from heartburn.”

Even though she felt good enough to take photos of herself and upload them on social media, she still wasn’t happy with the way she looked. “But still I looked at this photo, this image of myself, like I was fat. There was nothing wrong with the way I looked. My body was mine.”

On the next page: Mazza on loving her body and emphasizing health and happiness, not size.

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