How to tell your mum-in-law you don’t need her advice

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Are you the unwilling recipient of a ton of unwanted advice from your mum-in-law? Keep reading to find out how to deal with this rather sensitive situation.

Some of us — myself included — are blessed to have wonderful mums-in-law. In the almost 10 years I’ve been married, I’m proud to say I’ve not had any disagreements or problems with my mum in law.

But the reality is, not all of us are lucky to have a mum in law that is as sweet and easygoing as mine. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about women who make their daughters-in-law’s life miserable.

mum in law problems

Mum in law problems: How do you handle your mum in law’s constant advice?

However, this, too, is an extreme; and in most cases, the only complaint daughters-in-law have against their mums-in-law is the barrage of unwarranted advice they receive!

Usually most of the advice has to do with how you choose to bring up your kids. Advice such as:

“You need to discipline the kids better, what I would have done is…”, or

“Do you really need to watch their diet so much? We never worried so much about what we fed our kids, and they’ve turned out fine”,

and when your baby cries 10 minutes after you’ve put him down for a nap, “Oh! The baby is crying again, are you sure he’s not hungry?”

mum in law problems

Mums-in-law are much more open-minded these days and having a discussion about boundaries when it comes to parenting is not all that hard.
This can help to minimise mum in law problems in your household.

Although this advice comes with the right intentions, it could be upsetting and downright annoying to a young mum who is trying to figure out what’s right for her kids.

The relationship between a woman and her husband’s mother can be a sensitive one and this ‘power battle’ is one that has been going on for centuries.

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