Mum freezes baby to save her life!

She did not breathe for 30 minutes after coming out into the world. Read this amazing story about how doctors saved this baby’s life. It was a tough call to freeze baby, but that was what they did!

Freeze baby

Would you freeze baby to save a life?

Lily Cracknell did not breathe by herself when she was born, mother Rebecca Hasler, had to make a tough call. Doctors wanted to use a freezing method “hypothermia treatment” that has been proven to stop brains from swelling as they were worried that Lily’s brain was going to overheat and eventually lead to brain damage.

Method: Freeze baby

Baby Lily was then placed in a cool bag that lowered her temperature from 37°C to 35.5°C for three whole days. According to reports, Lily’s mother said: “It really is a miracle that Lily has done so well. We were so worried when doctors froze her body like that, but we knew that it was her only chance of survival.”

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Something was wrong…

Rebecca shared: “She didn’t make a sound when she came out, and I was panicking that I hadn’t heard her cry at all. She was rushed to intensive care. I couldn’t believe that it had taken such a long time to get her breathing again. It was terrifying news.”

At 36 weeks, Rebecca had an induced labour after being diagnosed as having pre-eclampsia which is a medical condition characterized by high blood pressure plus high amounts of protein in a pregnant woman’s urine—it could be life threatening for mother and baby if complications arise.

“It was frightening to be told that I had such a condition. I knew that she was in danger, as she was hardly moving in my womb at all. Doctors told me that it was best for myself and the baby if they induced labour straight away,” said Rebecca.

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A strong miracle baby

Now, Lily is three years and according to her mother she’s “boisterous and full of mischief” thanks to the doctors who freezed her to save her from permanent brain damage and death itself.

Rebecca shared: “We are so proud of her. She may be tiny, but she is such a fighter. She proved that when she was frozen for three days and pulled through. When we tell people that Lily was put in a cool bag, they can’t believe it.”

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