Singaporean mum criticised for changing baby's soiled diaper at McDonald's

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Was she being inconsiderate? Was the stomper right in taking a picture of her bare-bottomed baby? What would you have done in this situation?

On 12 June, a woman was seen changing her baby's soiled diaper at Tiong Bahru Plaza's McDonald's. Aloysius, a stomper, was sitting on the table next to her when he took the photo.

The woman reportedly appeared calm, not caring about the other diners in the restaurant. Her husband carried on with his own meal while she was doing so.

"They never considered that we were at the next table eating our burgers. They were only thinking of themselves," said Aloysius.


theAsianparent collected some quotes from mums on their thoughts on this incident and what they feel should have been done in this situation:

"Wah, the stomper is unbelievable! He took a picture? Obviously he does not have a baby and doesn't know that a toilet is not the same as a diaper changing room!" - Christina, 34

"Well, if the baby has poop-ed, I would not change the diaper like that. It's not nice for others to smell and see while they are eating." - Annabelle, 30

"Spare a thought for this mother and her baby. It's not easy handling a baby! Just turn your head for a minute and eat, lah!" - Zhiyu, 26

"The least she can do is face the baby inwards. But still, it's rather inconsiderate. No one wants to see poo while eating, come on." - Zakiah, 32

"What makes us any different from those people who let their kids poo in front of shopping malls? Or even pee-ing in a bottle/plastic bag while eating at Crystal Jade? Having baby doesn't mean we have the rights to be inconsiderate and do as we please. I feel the mum was totally inconsiderate and selfish." - Parveen, 28

"Well, I've done that too. If you can't find a nursing room in time, then what are you supposed to do? How is that seen as inconsiderate? This stomper is sneakily taking pictures of a bare-bottomed baby- is that very considerate then?" - Nurlina, 31

Mummies, what do you think the mum should have done here, if anything at all?
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Pavin Chopra