The mum and daughter guide to buying a training bra

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Is your little girl not so little anymore? When is the right time for her to start wearing a training bra? How will you talk to her about it? Read our mum and daughter guide to help clue you in on this preteen milestone.


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When should your daughter start wearing a training bra?

When you first held your little baby girl in your arms for the very first time, you never thought that time would fly by so quickly to the day she’ll be hitting puberty and will have to start wearing a training bra.

But your little girl is not so little anymore and she’s slowly blossoming into a young lady, so as her mother who has experienced this milestone yourself back when you were a tween, it is important for you to help guide your daughter through this big change in her life.

Blossoming buds

When your daughter reaches puberty, this is when her body will start going through changes and it marks the beginning of her developing from a girl to a woman.

Between the age of 8 and 13 years, her hormone levels change, she will grow taller, develop breasts, grow pubic and armpit hair, and also start her menstrual period – although it is normal for different girls to develop at different times.

As breasts start to develop, they will first appear as small, firm, and possibly tender bumps under the nipples, which are called “breast buds“.

Take this as a great mother-daughter bonding opportunity for you to have a talk about healthy body image, modesty, or even the birds and the bees – and you can even share your own story about your first time getting a training bra as a young girl.

Mum and daughter guide to buying a training bra, girl, garden, happy, flowers, puberty, growth

Girls reach puberty between the age of 8 – 13 years

When is the right time to get a training bra?

Every girl will go through puberty and start developing breast buds, although it is perfectly normal for it to occur at different ages depending on the individual’s genes and weight.

So when exactly is the right time to get your daughter her first bra – also known as a training bra?

Early Maturer

It may be a confusing and awkward time for your Primary 2 girl to start getting noticeable bumps under her shirt when the rest of her friends are still flat-chested, but it is important that you as her mother are there to help suggest that perhaps it’s time for a bit of coverage for the sake of her modesty and to avoid any unwanted attention.

Late Bloomer

If your daughter’s peers are all wearing training bras already but she’s the odd one out because she has not developed breasts yet, she may start to feel left out and even self-conscious, so it is important for you to explain that everyone’s body is different, and offer to get her a training bra anyway so she won’t feel like the odd one out.


How do you choose a training bra and how can you get the right fit? Keep reading to find out.

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