This Mother's Day message by PM Lee is BEAUTIFUL!

This Mother's Day message by PM Lee is BEAUTIFUL!

We came across this Mother's Day message by PM Lee, and it's BEAUTIFUL! Also read other heart-warming posts by Singapore ministers...

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong put up a Facebook post on Mother’s Day, and it’s BEAUTIFUL!

It’s a post that celebrates “mothers’ contributions as leaders, caregivers, providers, and role models”, and PM Lee writes, “Mothers are the pillars of our families, with one of the toughest jobs of all. Nowadays they raise children, build careers, care for elderly parents, or even become the sole parent in a family.”

This Mother's Day message by PM Lee is BEAUTIFUL!


“While their roles and responsibilities have evolved, mothers’ unconditional love and support remain strong and steadfast. Take time today, and everyday, to show your mum how much she means to you!”

Aww…wasn’t that a lovely message? Thank you, PM Lee, for raising a toast to all mums!

Meanwhile, other Singapore ministers put up equally heart-warming posts on Facebook as well…

Minister for Social and Family Development, Tan Chuan-Jin, writes, “We shouldn’t only be reminded once a year to show appreciation for our mother and wife. They have contributed greatly to the household and in caring for us and our children.”

He once again reminded fathers to be more hands-on with family affairs, “Fathers, let’s show our gratitude daily by helping out more with childcare and household chores. Besides sharing the load with your wife, it is also a chance to build deeper relationships with your family.”

PM Lee's Mother's Day Message


And these words from him are pure GOLD, “It is often about the small things that matter, such as spending a few moments before bedtime to talk to your children, ironing the clothes, clearing the table, working family time into your schedule and not as an afterthought when everything else is woven in.”

“We don’t become perfect parents overnight. In fact, we will never be. But we can support each other on the journey to providing the best for our children. And for each other.”

Equally touching was Minister for Transport, Khaw Boon Wan’s message, “They (mothers) are often the first to wake up and last to turn in, in both good times and bad.

PM Lee's Mother's Day Message


He also paid a rich tribute to his wife, “After my heart bypass operation 7 years ago, my wife meticulously nursed me back to health. Jean is the pillar of the family, rendering support first, to the daughters, and now also the grandchildren.”

“On MothersDay, I am filled with gratitude, and am also mindful of the many mothers out there who go all out to love and support their families. They add colours to our lives, make our lives complete, and much of our achievements possible.”

We couldn’t agree more!

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