Some mothers are killing their children in Singapore!

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It has been reported that some mothers are committing suicide and taking their children along with them.

On April 15th 2011, He Xuejing, mother of two jumped from the window of her Bukit Batok flat and took her nine-year-old daughter Bao Peiquin with her. Yesterday (September 23rd 2011), the body of Tan Sze Sze was found floating in Bedok Reservoir, with her three-year-old son Jerald Chin cradled within her arms. Both of these women were said to have been suffering from depression and decided they wanted to leave this world, but not on their own.

September 22 2011

Madam Tan had been depressed for a very long period of time, having separated from her husband before she gave birth to her son. It was said that she was very possessive about her son. The boy came back with a severe bleeding of the nose after visiting his father on one occasion and since after the incident,  Madam Tan did not want to leave the child alone with her husband.  The police visited her before her unnatural death, to inform her that she would have to allow her husband rights to visit his son. She is said to have been very troubled and spoke with her mother and sister, telling them she would be leaving this world. The bodies were both found wearing red clothing with their fingernails painted red and a red string around the mother’s hand. According to the Chinese culture, a red string symbolizes a bond, suggesting that the two spirits will be able to be with each other in another world. To be clothed in red would symbolizes that the soul will become a ghost and not rest in peace. You can read more about it here

April 15 2011

He Xuejing, had two daughters, and chose to take the younger one, Bao Pei Quin into another world. She was from Shanghai and is said to have had trouble adjusting to life in Singapore. She claimed her younger daughter was not accepted in school and people who knew her said she refrained from having any conversation with them. He Xuejing’s husband have been shocked by this incident and said they had not been facing any difficulties with each other. You can read more about it here


Could depression result in such severe measures that it not only makes you want to take your own life, but makes you feel like the world is not worth letting your child live in? Clearly these women felt that way, and with so many cases of suicide, it is important to recognize signs of depression in an individual before a case like this takes place.  If you are a mother, and facing depression, you will need to seek treatment and help. Depression after having a baby can even result in Postnatal psychosis. Mothers of multiples are known to suffer from depression. Click here to read more.  Shirley Soh Sally, who suffered from post-natal depression said, “Recognize it and talk about it. Tell your spouse when both parties are in calm mood”. Dealing with depression is difficult but there are ways you can solve the issue before something terrible happens, and potentially tragic.

Here is a list compiled by our readers that could help you deal with depression or give advise to someone who needs it.

  1. “Have a good heart-to-heart session with your girl friends.”  – Karuna Premchandani-Mirpuri
  2. “Hubby support is very important.” – JW Lim
  3. “Pray to God.” – Irene Ho
  4. “Give yourself some ‘me time” – Lin Wanxuan
  5. “Keep yourself busy and do things that make you happy” – Angeli Beltram Timoteo
  6. “Walk away from the root problem until you are confident to uproot it.” – Ivy Soh
  7. “Exercise or do anything that creates adrenaline in your body.” – Fenny Loniah Bartlett
  8. “Realize that there is nothing wrong with you.” – Angeline Tan
  9. “Take things one step, one hour and one day at a time.” – Jesslyn Im
  10. “Listen to Firework by Katy Perry.”  – Yuanita Puspita Akbar


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