Mother suffered from 3 strokes because of her pregnancy

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Julie Foster, a young mother-of-three, has suffered 3 strokes within the span of one year. All of which have been connected to her pregnancy.

A young mother-of-three has gone through three strokes in her lifetime. All within the span of only a few years.

She thought it was just migraine

Julie Foster first realised that she suffered a stroke back in 2013, when she was expecting Oliver, her third child. Then, when she became pregnant for the fourth time in 2015, she suffered another stroke. During her treatment, doctors then also found signs of an older stroke that happened when she was pregnant with her second child, Grace.

She shares that back then, she just thought it was a simple migraine, but a recent CT scan for her third stroke revealed some damage to her brain that’s most probably caused by a previous stroke.

Julie shares, “I had my first stroke in March 2013. I woke up one morning and was watching TV with the kids when I looked down and saw I had kicked my leg but couldn’t feel it.”

“I knew something wasn’t right, so I phoned an ambulance and was taken to Sunderland Royal.”

“When it first happened we thought it might be a trapped nerve, but then the scan came back showing that I had had a stroke.”

“It also showed signs of an older stroke, and we think that might have been when I was pregnant with Grace and went temporarily blind in one eye. We put it down to a migraine at the time, but now we think it may have been a sign of a stroke.”

She had to terminate the pregnancy

Sadly, because of the risk, Julie and her husband, Steven, had to make the very difficult decision of terminating the pregnancy since the risk of going through with the pregnancy was too great, especially since Julie had already suffered three strokes. She was 5 months pregnant at the time.

Julie’s third stroke had left her unable to use her right arm, and her hearing, as well as her memory, have both been affected. It has also affected her speech and movement, and she now requires care from her husband Steven.

Thankfully, Julie is recovering from the ordeal, and hopefully, she will be able to live a normal life once more.

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