Singaporean mother charged for killing son

Singaporean mother charged for killing son

You often hear about crazy or negligent mothers who cause the death of their own children. But these cases usually happen abroad. Learn more about this local case here.

Mother kills

Mother killsher own child charged in Singapore

As reported by The Straits Times, nine-year-old Gabriel Loh Zhen Jie, was found passed out at the bottom of Block 704 on West Coast Road. Gabriel lived with his mother Rebecca Loh Chui Lai, 31, and his grandmother on the fifth floor. He passed away in the National University Hospital less than one hour after being discovered by the police.

A mother kills her kids because they talked back

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Chain of events

What happened that led to the poor boy being found at the bottom of the block? According to an eyewitness, who is also a neighbour dwelling in the block across, she had noticed mother and son at the kitchen window moments before the tragic discovery.

Rebecca was seen weeping by the window and sitting on the ledge of her window on the fifth floor. She went in and came out again, but this time with her son. Not too long after, the boy was at the bottom of the block.

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Parenting with depression

Special needs child

Gabriel Loh attended a special school and it is speculated that his mother is single, unemployed and living with the grandmother who works at a bakery. Rebecca is often spotted pushing her son in a stroller. The boy was also said to have yellow-tinged skin and eyes from jaundice due to a failed liver operation.

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Mother has psychological issues

According to a report in Chinese daily Shin Min, the mother always appeared distressed and dazed while out to get lunch. She had also sought help due to a mental problem several years back. In fact, Rebecca always had loud arguments with her mother that police had actually been called several times.

Rebecca Loh Chui Lai

Rebecca Loh Chui Lai

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Reclusive family

Chairman Tan Tuang Siang of the West Coast Green Residents’ Committee revealed that the family would not join in any social activities and mostly kept to themselves.

As of now Rebecca is under psychiatric observation, on June 24 she will appear in court and will face the death penalty if convicted of murder.

Parents with mental issues

Mental illnesses are not a matter to be taken lightly or dismissed. Some people live in denial for years. Sometimes, the trigger is not situational but biological—it could happen to anyone. Depression strikes 7.5 million parents annually in America alone.

Undoubtedly, the children will also suffer if either parents are subject to depression. In fact children will be at a higher risk of developing mental, social or behavioral problems.

4 ways depressed parents can affect their children

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