Mother gives her baby a tattoo!

Mother gives her baby a tattoo!

In this shocking case, a minute long video which is going viral shows a very young baby screaming in pain while being given a painful tattoo. Read on to find out more.

Mother gives her baby a tattoo! Screen shot of the video taken from YouTube.

A new video lasting 67 seconds posted recently on YouTube has drawn a huge backlash from the online community and for good reason too. In the video, a baby is seen being forcibly tattooed and wailing uncontrollably. The heart breaking shrieks of the baby is completely understandable as it is common knowledge that the process of getting a tattoo done is excruciatingly painful. A woman who is presumably the mother is seen holding down the baby as the tattoo artist works on the baby. Another figure that seems like a male companion stands at the side. Although the video was only uploaded on YouTube very recently on the 26th of January, its page views are already closing in on almost 100,000 views within a matter of days.

Netizens express outrage

The video has so far drawn very negative feedback from netizens. The video has received more than 300 dislikes so far and only 10 likes. The top 2 comments on the video are both insults hurled against the mother and tattoo artist respectively with the top comment receiving 50 likes and the second top comment garnering 25 likes as of now. Most of the other comments are also negative reactions against the supposed perpetuators which are namely the mother and the tattoo artist.

Reason behind the act

Little is known about the origins of the video and whether it is authentic in the first place. The identities of those involved in the video is still a mystery and it is unclear where this incident took place at. The age of the baby is still unknown.

It is however, plausible that there could be a rational reason behind the incident. Perhaps the mother requested for the tattoo due to religious reasons or cultural beliefs. Regardless of the reason, it is excruciating to bear the thought that the poor baby was subjected to such pain despite his or her tender age. In fact, I could barely watch the whole video as I found it too disturbing and could only quickly browse through it as the babies’ cries were too heart wrenching.


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Sean Foo

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