Money saving tips for new parents

Money saving tips for new parents

For many new parents, the arrival of their little one marks the departure of hard-earned money from their wallets. Follow these handy tips to cut costs while still giving your baby the best!

Money saving tips for new parents

Borrow a breast pump

Breast pumps can cost hundreds of dollars, so if you have a sister, cousin or close female friend who’s got a breast pump that she isn’t using, borrow it!

It’s just the plastics attachments that need to be changed for hygiene purposes, and those cost less than a brand new set.

Breastfeed as much as you can

Breastfeeding obviously saves money on formula and has numerous health benefits as well, for both mother and baby.

Give those wallets a rest!

When it comes to shopping for baby clothes, new parents often tend to over do it. Instead of spending hundreds on branded baby clothes before the baby arrives, accept the fact that infant growth spurts happen often and suddenly, and pace yourselves while shopping.

The last thing you’d want is to be stuck with brand new clothes that your baby can’t fit into!

Don’t buy cute pillows or stuffed toys for the crib

Sure, it makes the crib looks more comfortable but you’ll have to take these out every time your baby is in the crib, as pillows or stuffed toys can be Sudden Infant Death hazards.

Money saving tips for new parents

Make your own baby food 

Instead of buying pre-packaged bottles of baby food, mash a ripe banana or some potatoes and carrots to make a healthy and delicious puree for your little one. Remember to avoid buying large portions of fresh produce to prevent spoilage and wastage.

Look out for coupons

Start looking out for coupons or deals for non-perishable items like diapers, baby powder and wet wipes. With these items, you can feel free to buy them in bulk without worrying about wastage. (With the exception of newborn diapers, which can only be used for the first few weeks.)

Stay away from “kiddy” furniture

Try not to purchase too may pieces of furniture that look too juvenile. Instead, opt for solid pieces that can be used for several years, as your child grows older and matures.

If you want a few pieces of child-like furniture to make the baby room more cheerful, make sure those pieces can be transformed over time to suit your baby as he grows up.

Test drive your desired stroller

You might have your eyes on a fancy new baby carriage, but it’s best to always “test drive” a stroller before buying it, as the bigger models can be difficult to maneuver and steer. Be sure to talk to your friends about their strollers and what they dislike or like about them.

Spend some time wheeling around the stroller to see if you’re comfortable with the model before shelling out big bucks on it.

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