Punggol mum of 2 offered money for sex by stranger

Punggol mum of 2 offered money for sex by stranger

Monday, June 4, was just a regular day for Punggol mum of two, Stella, until the unthinkable happened. She was home alone with her two little ones — a nine-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son — when she heard someone at the door. Nothing too unusual here. Stella found a young man standing at the entrance to her home. She was horrified when his string of questions to her ended with offering her money for sex. 

Offered Money for Sex, Singapore Mum Is Outraged

According to citizen journalism site Stomp and The Straits Times, the man — who looked to be in his late teens — asked the mum a string of questions: “Do you have a husband? Do you live alone? Do you want to earn extra money?”

Horrified, Stella asked the man what his intentions were. It was then that he asked her if she provided sexual services. 

Furious, Stella told the man to leave immediately, threatening to call the police if he ever turned up at her door again. She then slammed the door and went inside. 

She realised then that the man could be going around the neighbourhood and harassing other women. So she decided to call the police. As Stella was on the phone with the police, she opened her door to check if the pervert was still around. 

And he was. But what happened after she spotted him is shocking. 

money for sex

The man propositioned the mum with an offer of money for sexual services.

He Offers Her Money for Sex

Reportedly, the man saw Stella as she stepped out of her home to check. It was then that he had taken a $50 note and nodded invitingly at her. Furious, she called her boyfriend Mr Looi immediately, and he rushed to her flat. But it was too late, and the pervert had left…

Only to return the next day outside her door! But what the man did not know is there was a closed-circuit TV just outside Stella’s flat to which both Stella and her boyfriend have access to via their mobile phones. 

It was Mr Looi who spotted the man first. He quickly snapped a screenshot, then alerted Stella. Then, he rushed over to Stella’s block to wait for the pervert. 

When the man stepped out into the ground floor, Mr Looi confronted him. The pervert tried to make a run for it, but was tackled and pinned down by Mr Looi. 

When Stella came home, she called the police and the pervert was apprehended. 

Police investigations are ongoing. 

What an ordeal for this mum! We are just glad that she is okay and that the pervert was caught.

Mums and dads reading this, CCTV is good! Like Stella and Mr Looi, consider linking your CCTV coverage to your mobile phone via an app. Always be alert of your surrounding too.


Sources: The Straits Times, Stomp

Image: The Straits Times screengrab


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