6 money concepts to teach kids in Singapore

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Check out this simple and useful infographic on 6 money concepts to teach kids.

Do you ever worry that your kids are growing up as shopaholics and spoilt brats? Is it ever too early to provide money concepts to teach kids? I find myself constantly reminding my children that we shouldn't be taking the simple pleasures of life for granted. Even the water we drink is a "luxury" to many others.

In fact, "When I was young, my parents never allowed me to..." is a familiar refrain in my house, when it comes to buying the next cool toy or outfit.

But really, how much is too much? How can we instill the habit of saving in our children, from young? How do we convince the little ones that money is actually earned, and does not fall out of the sky or the ATM machines?

Here is a very useful and simple infographic from onstride.co.uk, which gives an age-wise breaking up of money concepts to teach kids in Singapore.

My daughter once commented, "Why crib, Mum? Just put in your card and take the money that comes out!" Ok, then.


money concepts to teach kids

money concepts to teach kids

money concepts to teach kids

money concepts to teach kids

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