How common are miscarriages after IVF?

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Getting ready for motherhood, but worried about all the complications that come with it? Find out how common miscarriages really are, when and why they're most likely to occur, and how common miscarriages are with in vitro fertilisation!


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Many think getting pregnant literally takes having sex one time, but that statement is far from the truth. Some folks may be successful during the first try yet other women are not so lucky. There are couples who have been trying to have a baby for years and have had no luck with it. Some don’t get pregnant at all while others always miscarry.

We give you all the details on miscarriages and how common they are when using advanced treatments such as in vitro fertilisation (IVF), so that you can have a better understanding of the process before starting your journey to motherhood. Let’s take a look at miscarriages and IVF.


Miscarriages are sadly very common and affect 30% of pregnant women from all over the world. A miscarriage is an unplanned and abrupt abortion of an unborn baby before it is even 20 weeks old. However, some women miscarry very early, even before they know that they are pregnant. Contrary to what other people say, miscarriages are not caused by having sex, working out or working. Falls and bumps also shouldn’t cause miscarriages unless the impact is truly tremendous. The cause of miscarriages varies from woman to woman. It could be because:

  • The baby was not formed properly, which makes it impossible to survive.
  • The uterus of the mother is deformed/malformed, which makes it impossible for the baby to grow.
  • The pregnant woman suffers from an illness such as measles, lupus or diabetes.

No matter what the cause of the miscarriage may be, the effect is always heart breaking and devastating to anyone involved.

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