Bringing out the champion in your kids!

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Kids these days go through a daily schedule filled with back-to-back activities. With that, they need all the energy they need to help them go through the day. Mummy blogger, Meiling Wong-Chainani shares how a cup of MILO always comes in handy to help her active little ones stay energised for the day!

My kids, like me, are not big breakfast fans. I will be lucky if they ate a slice of bread before they are shipped off to school in the morning. With breakfast being such an important meal to start their day, I really want to make sure they have the energy to meet their demanding schedule of school, extra-curricular activities, sports and play. To top it off, it was really difficult getting my daughter to drink the recommended daily dosage (8oz) of milk every day.

Children these days have so much to do. School is a demanding master. Their social calendar is fuller than mine. Friends are constantly knocking on our doors and there are the weekly Taekwondo, dance, swimming and guitar lessons. Their action-packed life demands from them not just physical energy, but mental acumen and emotional resilience! Hence, I try to ensure they eat healthy meals and snacks. But it is not always easy to persuade active children on the go to eat or drink what you want them to, especially with competition from isotonic drinks and salty, tasty snacks.

Milo, energetic kids

Top tip for parents with energetic kids: Whether it is play or exercise, MILO drinks are a great way to replenish the energy of active kids.

MILO came to my rescue!

I remember drinking MILO as a child. As a teenager, I used to have Iced MILO with roti prata while hanging out with my friends. A staple drink in my life for the last 40 years, MILO not only gives me nutritious energy, it is DELICIOUS!

Milo, energetic kids

My energetic kids love the cocoa smell of MILO as soon as the lid is off…

So, how does Meiling serve MILO to her energetic kids? Click on page 2 to find out…

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