Santa, presents and mistletoes!

Santa, presents and mistletoes!

The Christmas season has always been an especially extraordinary time for me.

Santa, presents and mistletoes!
I'll never forget singing carols till late night with my entire family huddled around our over-sized Christmas tree. Or the penny pinching that would start come November so I could save up enough money to buy cute presents for all my girl friends. And of course the countless days and nights spent strolling down Orchard road staring in amazement at all the shimmering store fronts in their full yuletide glory.

But besides all the precious memories that are entwined in the tinsel and glitter of this holy season, Christmas has always held a special place for me, because it reminds me to pause and reflect upon life and celebrate the people around me.

In the midst of our frenzied lives, it's so easy to lose track of our direction and what's most important to us. It's so easy to take everything and everyone around you for granted. And I for one, am very guilty of doing that.

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So this Christmas, I want to thank a few people for being such an anchor in my life:

Thank you Sweetheart, for championing my dreams, helping me along each time I faltered and for putting up with my tantrums and indecisiveness. You've really been an angel. I love you.

Katherine, Melissa and Vania... Thank you girls for loving me so unconditionally. What would I do without you all?

My fellow colleagues at Tickled Media... all your hard work hasn't gone unnoticed. We've accomplished so much in such a short time. I am so proud of each and everyone of you! You all have done a brilliant job!

Thanks also to you our readers, for making this year such a wonderful year for us here at

Have a wonderful Christmas filled with love, peace and sunshine.

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Roshni Mahtani

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