Memorable wait! Vaishnavi’s birth story

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Gayathri shares her labour story with


It all started on the night of 7th June 2007. It was 11pm and I had already dozed off.

Suddenly I woke up to a startle, thinking I heard something burst. Took me a while to realise it was actually my water bag! It was unexpected as I was only due at the end of the month.

So we rushed to KKH hoping our little princess Vaishnavi would be out soon! I had no signs of pain or labour and once admitted they decided to wait and just put me on antibiotic drip.

So the wait begun, the whole night passed and no sign of any labour and I slept pretty well. All my folks were anxiously awaiting the baby’s arrival but they didn’t know it was going to take longer. Soon it was next day morning and still there were no signs of pain.

An induced labour

My hubby said ‘What are you here on a holiday!?’….What could I do…My gynae finally decided to induce my labour at 2pm and it was full force labour by 4pm. It was definitely too much for me to take and I had not dilated enough for the baby to be delivered.

We decided to say ok for Epidural since there was a longer way to go and I am glad I did as I only delivered Vaishnavi at 1.30am the next day! Finally our princess was out after more than a day’s painful…but memorable wait!

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