Your Guide to Maternity Wear Shopping in Singapore

Your Guide to Maternity Wear Shopping in Singapore

The pregnancy journey sees the new mum shopping for maternity wear and wardrobe essentials. What are the must-have items to get? Here are 10 essentials you need plus handy tips on where to shop for maternity wear in Singapore!

maternity wear in Singapore

As your body changes, you will find that you need to upgrade your wardrobe with suitable maternity wear. Shopping for maternity wear in Singapore can be easy!

Pregnancy brings along plenty of changes, both inside and out.

With the new body shape, weight gain, and seemingly unattractive appearance, it is important to stay positive and welcome the new “you”—bump and all.

Embrace the baby bump and accept that the little fella is here to “bake” for the next nine months or so.

With your body accommodating the new bub, your usual wardrobe will need a little adjustment. This doesn’t necessarily mean drab and shapeless. It does, however, mean it’s shopping time!

But before rushing down to the stores to buy maternity wear in Singapore, first understand how your body is expected to change and find out what maternity wear wardrobe essentials are necessary.

Time for a wardrobe upgrade, we say!

#1: Comfy cotton bras and panties

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Stripes Maternity Underwear available in pink and grey from Shopee – $12.00 (Image by Shopee)

During the first trimester, most will be none the wiser to your state of preggers.

Weight gain during this period is usually quite minimal; some women even lose weight due to morning sickness and a loss of appetite.

Some parts of your body—in particular, your abdominal area and breasts—may feel a little more bloated than usual. Together with other changes, they are easily manageable once you understand how your body is expected to change.

You may experience difficulty breathing or a discomfort around your chest area if your bras become too tight. Do yourself a favour and get measured by the sales assistants in the undergarments area of a department store.

They will be able to advise you on your new size and recommend a more comfortable fit and bra type for your needs. Choose non-underwired nursing bras to prevent breast lumps during your breastfeeding journey.

Choices are aplenty for such maternity wear in Singapore.

non-underwired bra provides better comfort than an underwired one, as your breasts start to grow.

It isn’t yet necessary at this point to get nursing bras as your breasts will continue to “upsize.” The best time to get nursing bras? During your third trimester—and you’ll probably need to get a new fit by then!

Alternatively, consider bra extenders to extend the length of the bands of your existing bras as your body goes through changes throughout the blissful nine months.

These help to ease out on the tightness around your back and sides and provide extra comfort, while holding onto the current pieces as they fit most major bra brands.

Shopee, bra, maternity, clothes, fashion, pregnant

3 Rows 3 Hooks Elastic Bra Lingerie Underwear Adjustable Extender available in black white and skin colour from Shopee Singapore – $2.30 for 9 pieces (Image by Shopee Singapore)

While your hips expand to sit your new baby, it’s inevitable that your panties start to feel a little tight too. Look for comfortable pieces that will take you through the day, and cotton ones are your best bet especially for our warm and humid weather in Singapore.

Opt for full-bodied cuts for ample coverage and support – not many of us will enjoy having to deal with a ‘wedgie’ stuck in between the bum!

When to get them: For most women, maternity wear bras and briefs will need to be bought once between your first and second trimester, and another time during your third trimester, depending on how much weight you have gained. 

Shop at: Shopee Singapore for maternity underwear or adjustable bra extenders

Prices from: $2.30 onwards 

#2: Good support shoes

Until maternity wear specific shoes are invented, we’ll need to look for the best comfortable shoes that can provide support to the new mum-to-be.

Put away those heels and take heed in getting well-fit shoes that provide cushion for your aching calves and swelling feet.

maternity wear in Singapore

Until “Maternity Shoes” are invented, shopping for comfortable footwear that fits your swollen feet might take awhile to find the perfect pair. Left: Crocs; Right: Fitflops

If you really need some heel due to work, shares some tips on the recommended heel height as well as sizing for your new feet size:

  • Flats, or low, wide heels—around 2″ or lower.
  • Good arch support. This can be accomplish through buying from noted comfort shoe brands, or by using an insert that adds arch support.
  • Breathable uppers (canvas or leather) that won’t trap moisture.
  • Shoes that slip-on, as laces may become more difficult to tie.
  • Larger or wider shoes—swelling may make your regular size and width uncomfortable.

When to get them: When your current shoes become too tight. If you experience water retention in your feet, it is recommended to wear open footwear like slippers or sandals to allow your feet space to expand. Squeezing them into closed-toed shoes causes further discomfort and affects circulation.

Shop at: Fitflops, Crocs, Hush Puppies, ECCO, Clarkes

Prices from: $40 onwards

#3: Bottoms up

Maternity shorts Singapore

Maternity shorts bought at EGG maternity store in Velocity mall, Singapore

With your growing baby, it’s only a matter of time until you won’t be able to zip up your bottoms.

Maternity wear such as shorts, pants, capris, jeggings and skirts come with an in-built cotton stretch fabric which expands to accommodate your growing belly throughout pregnancy.

Heading to work in pants can be easy, too, as they’re more manageable when it comes to maneuvering around.

For figure-flattering shapes, opt for darker colours, which are uber easy to match with other separates whether brightly colored, printed, or plain!

When to get them: Any time you feel your current clothes are getting too tight and it becomes uncomfortable to sit or bend.

Shop at: H&M Maternity, Spring Maternity, Dote Studio, Joy Luck Club Maternity, Gingersnaps Maternity, Egg (Novena Velocity mall).

Prices from: $30 onwards

 #4: Helpful maternity bands

maternity band, pregnant, Shopee

Women’s Maternity Pregnancy Support Belt Brace Belly Abdomen Band Arshiner from Shopee Singapore – $8.10 (Image by Shopee Singapore)

Your growing baby bump might make it a little tough to find a comfortable position to sleep at night — unless you invest in maternity pillow to help during bedtime (which can also double up as a nursing pillow once your bub arrives!).

But you’ll also probably start noticing soon that you can no longer fit into your favourite pair of tailored sexy jeans.

Well, there’s no need to throw them out or shove them at the back of the closet, because Maternity bands, sometimes also known as belly belts, were invented to help ladies hang on to pre-pregnancy bottoms without any sewing involved!

Not to be mistaken with maternity support bands, these maternity bands help hold up loose garments.

Simply slip on your jeans un-buttoned, and pull up the maternity bands to cover both your jeans and just under your tummy. No one will be able to tell that 1) your jeans are unbuttoned (and maybe even your fly too!); 2) you’re not wearing maternity jeans!

Stretch the lifespan of your existing clothes and save some moolah with these bands.

When to get them: Any time you feel your current jeans or pants aren’t able to button up yet still fit great around the hips, butt, and thighs. 

Shop at: Shopee Singapore for pregnancy support belts

Prices from: $8.10 onwards

#5: Leggings or maternity tights

Some mums don’t put on alot of weight on the lower body, so regular leggings still fit, but they will probably need to size up.

Shopee, pregnant, maternity wear, leggings

Maternity Pregnancy Leggings available in black, dark grey, grey and navy from Shopee Singapore – $10 (Image by Shopee Singapore)

For better comfort, which takes into consideration your burgeoning bump, maternity leggings or tights come in handy to wrap your little belly, giving it some support too.

Leggings and tights are great staples to have—simply throw on a long top or dress to complete the look without much fuss.

When to get them: Any time you feel your current pair doesn’t fit well anymore; opt to size up on regular leggings or get one specially designed for pregnancy for additional comfort.

Shop at: Shopee Singapore for maternity leggings

Prices from: $5.80 onwards

#6: Dress up or dress down

Dresses are easy to slip on, and different cuts can help accentuate your cute bump (or hide it, if you prefer).

Choosing a fitting dress or a loose-cut one is a personal preference, but a loose-fit, A-line cut dress can take you further into your pregnancy, so you don’t have to worry about feeling too tight around the belly area even as your tummy grows.

maternity wear in Singapore

The right dress can go from hiding your bump to proudly displaying it! Choose maternity wear wisely.

For colours, opt for easy-to-match palettes such as neutrals, or simply go loud and vibrant if that’s your fashion style.

Dress-up or dress-down with accessories, and you’re all ready to be a hot mama-to-be! Or, take a leaf out of how these celebs are dressing the bump – style inspiration for all of us!

Additional tip: Button-front dresses can come in handy when you’re breastfeeding your little one. See next point.

When to get them: Any time! For Singapore’s warm and humid climate, opt for cotton, linen, bamboo, or mixed threads to stay cool and comfortable. 

Shop at: Shopee Singapore for summer nursing clothes

Prices from: $7.50 onwards

maternity wear in Singapore

By your third trimester rolls out, you need to start thinking of buying nursing bras and nursing tops to add into your maternity wear.

#7: Glam formal wear

Throughout your pregnancy, there might be functions or events that require formal dressing. But don’t let your bump get in the way of glamming it up!

Unless you foresee that you’ll be attending such events often, keeping one or two smart versatile pieces can take you through different events.

maternity wear in Singapore

Rent a beautiful gown for that special night. Maternity Exchange houses a wide array of dresses for any event.

Alternatively, consider renting those pretty dresses or pants suits so you don’t need to worry about additional wardrobe space or what you’re going to do with them after you give birth.

When to get them: Whenever you need them! Opt for a comfortable length and cutting that you feel good in – you won’t want to spend the rest of the night fumbling with the too-short-for-comfort length or excess fabric from a long dress you’re not used to.

Shop at: MaternityExchangeEgg MaternityAnnee Matthew, Milky Way Family

Prices from: $40 onwards

#8: Swim wear

Swimming makes a therapeutic, whole body workout for the pregnant mum, and is highly popular with our local mums too.

However, before embarking on a swim, do check with your gynae to get an all-clear – as with any other fitness program or sport activity.

maternity wear in Singapore

Swimming during pregnancy allows full body exercise. Swim with your baby bump in a comfy and pretty swim suit! Left: Leopard Print Tankini from Zodee; Right: Maternity Tankini set from ASOS Maternity

It’s important to get a comfortable piece of swim wear while pregnant, and ensure the fit is right. Trying them on gives you a better idea on the cut, fit and how the attire feels around your new body.

When to get them: It’s almost sudden when you realise your current swim suit is too tight. Opt for full-bodied maternity swim wear, or simply get separates such as a bikini top and a bottom if you have no qualms about exposing your bump!

Shop at: Motherswork, MaternityExchange, Marks and Spencer, Zodee, Spring Maternity, ASOS Maternity

Prices from: $80 onwards

#9: Workout attire

If you’re planning on continuing with your fitness regime, or going slow with prenatal workout such as yoga, getting the right workout attire can make exercising more pleasant, now that you’re sporting additional weight around your belly, and all round in time to come.

Lady Bold, maternity wear, pregnancy, work out, exercise, fitness

Stay active during your pregnancy, and look good while you’re at it with suitable maternity active wear in Singapore. (Image source: Lady Bold)

Dri-fit materials are a favourite as they help wick away moisture from the skin, and makes you feel less “yucky” with perspiration.

Maternity sports wear or active wear are developed with features such as additional support and contours to accommodate the belly, and performance fabrics for better comfort.

When to get them: Get new sets whenever the existing pieces don’t fit as comfortably as they should.

Shop at: Marks and Spencer, Mayarya, Maternity Fitwear, Maternity Exchange, Lady Bold

Prices from: $80 onwards

#10: Nursing wear or nursing-friendly apparel

Shopee, maternity wear, pregnant, mum, nursing, breast feeding

Mothers Essential Breast Feeding Nursing Tank Top available in pink, black and white from Shopee Singapore – $7.90 (Image by Shopee Singapore)

If you’re planning to breastfeed your baby after welcoming him into the world, be prepared to shake your wardrobe a little to make way for nursing wear or nursing-friendly apparel for your new stint.

Both options allow the breastfeeding mum to conveniently access her breasts when her child needs to feed. Some tops/dresses come with front access, side access, flaps, or zips—not to worry, your modesty is well-protected.

To ease into the breastfeeding routine, nursing bras are worn to, again, facilitate easy breast access. Some camisoles come with built-in padding and straps with front clasps—2-in-1 convenience.

Alternatively, regular padded camisoles work great too—new mums might need a little practice on maneuvering in and around clothing, but it’ll eventually become a breeze to “whip them out” whenever your baby needs a feed!

If you’re planning to express your breast milk, getting a hands-free pump bra can come in handy during pump sessions. Some favourite brands include Simple Wishes Pumping Bra and La Leche League Hands Free Pump Bra.

When to get them: Any time! Choose cotton, linen, bamboo, or mixed threads to stay cool and comfortable. 

Shop at: Shopee Singapore for maternity or nursing tank tops

Prices from: $7.20 onwards

There you have it—maternity essentials that keep style, comfort, and function top of mind throughout your pregnancy. Don’t forget to set aside enough for baby essentials as well. In the meantime, treat yourself to a much-needed breather with a shopping trip before welcoming parenthood!

But what happens if mums-to-be prefer to hide that baby bump? What are some outfit options to consider?


maternity wear in Singapore

Not ready to reveal your pregnancy? Find out how to conceal your baby bump, and others will be none the wiser!

How to choose clothes to hide your baby bump

If you’re not ready to announce your pregnancy just yet, here are some fashion options to help you conceal that bump:

  • choose dark colours and loose-fitting clothes such as an oversized tee or a boyfriend shirt and pair them with jeans, leggings or skirts
  • for dresses, go for baby doll dress or empire cut ones that flare out such as maxi dresses
  • bodycon dresses or figure-hugging options accentuate the new curves, so you may wish to keep them aside if you don’t wish to show off that baby bump yet

Fashion tips for pregnant mums

Don’t let your baby bump get in the way of being a stylish mama! Understanding your new figure can help you pick the right apparel to accentuate your new body.

  • Don’t be afraid to wear colours, bold prints, nautical stripes (in fact, now’s the best time to wear them!).
  • If you’re brave enough to carry them off, go for floral or polka dot prints and pair them with a plain separate to up that style factor
  • Do keep up with the trends – no reason to suddenly turn frumpy during pregnancy, that’s for sure!
  • Keep smart wardrobe essentials – these classic pieces match easily and allow longer wearability
  • Work it with accessories – a statement necklace can turn a plain top or dress into an outstanding piece. Go with colours or even neutral options in gold or silver to pair with your printed apparel.


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