Mastitis Treatment: Janet Hsieh Shares 13 Tips to Deal With Mastitis!

Mastitis Treatment: Janet Hsieh Shares 13 Tips to Deal With Mastitis!

Celebrity mum Janet Hsieh shares some great tips for mastitis treatment, "I recently had to deal with my own pair of painful breasts..."

Don’t we all love how real new mummy Janet Hsieh is?

She is absolutely uninhibited when it comes to revealing her struggles with motherhood. And the best part? She always shares helpful tips on how she overcame her worries.

Janet Hsieh’s recent post on Facebook is so useful for new mums, we just had to share it here!

Janet Hsieh Mastitis treatment: The celeb mum gives great tips!

She reveals how she fell sick with mastitis, “I recently had to deal with my own pair of painful breasts – it was not pretty. I had spent the day outside at work, and I made the mistake of not pumping for over 6 hours.”

“By that evening, my left boob was extremely hard (it literally felt like somehow a rock got lodged in my boob) and I couldn’t hand express or pump anything out to relieve the pressure.

For the info, mastitis is a painful inflammation of the breast tissue. Mastitis may or may not be caused by an infection. 

The infection is usually caused by bacteria entering the milk duct through a break or crack in the nipple. Mastitis can also be caused by engorgement, plugged milk ducts, or milk that remains in the breast after a feeding. 

As for Janet, she tried her best to breastfeed Egan, but even that didn’t work, “Usually, the best way to relieve engorgement is to have your baby breastfeed, so I was trying my hardest (pun intended) to get Egan to feed off of the swollen boob.”

“It wasn’t working.”

Mastitis Treatment: Janet Hsieh Shares 13 Tips to Deal With Mastitis!


And when the poor baby turned hungry and started crying, it made her feel even worse and super guilty, “In the end, he was crying because he was hungry and wasn’t getting any milk, and I was crying because he was crying and I felt like the Worst. Mom. Ever.”

Well, thankfully, things seem have gotten better after mummy Janet discovered some self help measures…

This is what she recommends, “In general:

  • Continue to breastfeed often, starting with the breast which is affected (the most swollen). Make sure baby is latching properly.
  • Change feeding positions often.
  • Rest as much as possible (I quite enjoy lying in bed and feeding Egan next to me. It’s a really nice bonding time for us).
  • Drink lots of water and liquids. Hydrate!
  • Take some lecithin which helps to “thin” the milk to make it easier to come out.
  • Wear a supportive bra which doesn’t compress your breasts too much.
  • Try to avoid sleeping on your stomach – as much as we miss being able to do that when I was pregnant, sleeping that way may also compress your breasts.”

She also suggests mums to do these before nursing:

  • “Use a cold compress in between feedings to reduce the swelling (you can use an ice pack – but never directly on the skin…some people even use cabbage leaves!).
  • Use a warm compress on your breasts or take a warm shower ONLY just as you are about to breastfeed or pump (to help with the letdown or milk flow).
  • Massage gently starting from the chest wall or armpits, towards to nipples (again, this is where your partner comes in.”

And as for what mums can do to relieve the pain while nursing, Janet suggests:

  • “Gently push down or massage the area of the breast which is hard as your baby is feeding.
  • Make sure your baby is latching properly. If not, try detaching and relatching again.
  • Drink water, listen to music, look at a photo of Brad Pitt… Do whatever you need to do to relax.”
Mastitis Treatment: Janet Hsieh Shares 13 Tips to Deal With Mastitis!


Weren’t those some great tips?

Also, mums, if your symptoms don’t resolve after 2 days, it is best to see a doctor. She might prescribe some antibiotics that’s safe while breastfeeding.

Meanwhile, here are some tips from us to prevent mastitis:

  • Breastfeed exclusively for around six months, if possible.
  • Encourage your baby to feed frequently, particularly when your breasts feel overfull.
  • Ensure your baby has latched properly during feeds – ask for expert advice if you’re unsure.
  • Avoid sudden changes in nursing schedules, if you need to drop a feed, cut down gradually.
  • Avoid pressure on your breasts from tight fitting clothing and bras. Don’t wear underwire or strapless bras or tight swimsuits. Wear loose tops.

*This article is from our archives.

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