Singaporean dads – this is your year to shine!

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Plenty of positive changes are in store for Singaporean mums and (especially) dads, with the Government's push to help parents this year and beyond. Find out what they are in this article...

The role of a father in a child’s life is undoubtedly important, with studies showing that positive paternal influence results in more emotionally secure and socially confident children.

So it comes as good news that the Singapore Government is looking to help fathers play a more active role in raising children as part of recently announced Marriage and Parenthood Package enhancements.

Senior Minister of State (Prime Minister’s Office) Josephine Teo, made the announcement on 4 January through a Facebook post, where she also elaborated on two other important areas where the Government wants to help new parents.

Here’s what Singaporean parents can expect in the new year and beyond:

1. More support for dads

Among the improvements introduced, fathers will get a second week of paternity leave on a voluntary basis.

Ms Teo noted that with eight in 10 Singaporean women aged 25 to 54 active in the workforce, “the mummies among them will certainly need a helping hand from the daddies!”.

She also said that when it comes to rearing children, teamwork is crucial, adding that “several studies show that children with more involved fathers have better developmental outcomes.”

She hopes that “more employers can come on board as the Civil Service has.”

2. More affordable quality childcare

Recognising the fact that more mums and grandparents are staying in work, Ms Teo explains that “under Early Childhood Development’s (ECDA) Masterplan, we are on track to provide sufficient child care places for 1 in 2 children by 2017.”

In keeping with these goals, in the last year alone “child care capacity has increased by about 13,000 places or 110 additional centres”, with Minister Tan Chuan-Jin sharing that “childcare services have also become more affordable with higher subsidies.”

Want malls and eateries to be more family-friendly? It’s on the list! Keep reading on the next page. 

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