Why are many celebrities called 'cruel' for having their kid's ears pierced?

Many parents are still against having their kids' ears pierced because they believe it's a form of 'mutilation'. Find out more here

It may seem ordinary and harmless but, believe it or not, some celebrity parents have drawn flak for having their daughters’ ears pierced at a young age.

Recent photos surfaced of Scarlett Johansson carrying 18-month-old daughter, Rose, where it seems that her baby girl’s ears have been pierced.

There have been mixed reactions to piercing kids ears when they’re young. Many believe it’s a form of cruelty and mutilation. Others, however, think it’s more cruel to wait until they get older.


source: The Courier Mail Twitter

While some have criticised the actions of the new mum, she’s in good company as many other celebrities like Beyonce, who had her daughter Blue Ivy’s ears pierced at the age of two. As well as other celebrities like model Gisele Bundchen, Kim Kardashian, Coco Austin, and Angelina Jolie have had their kids’ ears pierced.

When Angelina’s daughters  Zahara and Shiloh, then aged 6 and 5 respectively, went to have their ears pierced, it caused a stir among mums. Apparently, Zahara, who went in first screamed so loudly, scaring Shiloh into backing out at the last minute.

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photo: Kim Kardashian with daughter, North (source: PEOPLE)

For many generations, babies have had their ears pierced and it’s safe to say that this does not cause any long-term damage. Cultural traditions and backgrounds determine how parents make this decision.

Perks to having your child’s ears pierced

  • It’s more sanitary because babies 0 to 4 months will not tug or pull at their newly pierced ears, which hastens healing.
  • Though it’s painful, babies won’t remember it.
  • Most girls grow up wanting to have their ears pierced. Having it done when they’re young saves them from this hassle.
  • You can have it done by a doctor in a hospital
  • It looks adorable!

Whatever you decide as a parent should not be judged by anyone. After all, we all want the best for our kids!

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