Man dressed as clown attempts to kidnap baby from mother’s arms

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According to the police, the clown had no shoes on, and wasn't wearing any face paint. Police has also described him as a white male, with blue eyes.

By this time, you would most certainly have heard about the “killer clown” craze worldwide. Stories of clowns showing up at night and scaring or chasing people have become increasingly common. However, they’ve been pretty harmless so far; most of them just want to scare or freak people out.

Sadly, it wasn’t the case for this terrified mother whose baby almost got snatched by a clown.

The clown attempted to grab the baby

A mother and her baby girl were walking to a bus stop where a clown was seated. Thinking nothing of it, the mother sat down beside the clown, who seemed pretty harmless. The clown even smiled at her and her baby, so she didn’t really feel that anything might go wrong.

Suddenly, the clown attempted to grab the baby from her mother’s arms. The mother immediately reacted by pulling her baby away from the clown and then kicked him hard. She immediately called 911, while the clown ran away.

According to the police, the clown had no shoes on, and wasn’t wearing any face paint. Police has also described him as a white male, with blue eyes.

Not funny anymore

For some people, the creepy clown scare was pretty funny. Some people online even wanted to see these clowns for themselves since they love a good scare. However, what started out as a scary prank has slowly turned into something more menacing as reports of creepy clowns have started to pop up across the globe.


In the UK, Superintendent Mark Pannone said: “Dressing up as a clown to scare people may seem like a joke, but it is no laughing matter. The fear of such incidents is deeply upsetting children in Cumbria and causing them a great deal of distress.”

They have also received numerous reports of clowns, including one that was holding a stick, and another one that was allegedly holding a knife. Authorities also urge the public to think of the consequences of their actions, as what might seem like a funny prank can really cause unnecessary panic and fear among people.

Safety is a number one concern

Thankfully, there haven’t been any serious incidents that have involved these creepy, or “killer clowns” as some people call them. Still, there’s nothing wrong with keeping you and your family safe in case these clowns or anyone for that matter, attempt to hurt or harm you or your family. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Always keep yourself aware of your surroundings.
  • Teach your child to say NO to strangers as well as to run away from adults, especially if they feel scared or threatened.
  • Teach your child any places nearby that they can run to in case there’s any trouble.
  • Be confident when walking, and try to avoid eye contact with strangers.
  • If you feel like someone’s following you, don’t be afraid to call the police, or any emergency numbers. You should also teach your kids to call whenever they feel scared of someone.
  • Stay away from places that aren’t well-lit. If they can’t be avoided, try to have a buddy with you.
  • Always take note of where your children are at all times. You can make this easier by giving them a cellphone so they can easily contact you, and you can also contact them easily as well.


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