Man caught on CCTV beating pregnant wife

Man caught on CCTV beating pregnant wife

A series of videos showing a man assaulting his pregnant wife has emerged online. Both wife and husband have since come forward with their sides of the story. Find out more about what happened and take our poll.

Man caught on CCTV beating pregnant wifeA domestic dispute is making waves online. Amanda Fong, aged 19, an allegedly battered young wife, has resorted to Facebook and Youtube to air her grievances against her husband, Calven Chik, aged 26.

The video Fong uploaded is 11 minutes long and shows an argument starting between a man and woman in a boutique. When the tiff starts to escalate into violence, the woman is seen going for a pair of scissors lying on the payment counter. The man stops her from getting hold of the scissors and starts hitting, choking and throwing her around the boutique for most of the clip. However, near the end of the video, the man appears to show remorse for the attack and is seen trying to help her sit up.

Fong goes public

In an attempt to give her version of events, Fong has shared the video on her Facebook page and added the following [unedited] statement:

“I am Amanda Fong Kim Yen, I’m 19 years old & I’m two months pregnant with Calven Chik Foo Keong’s baby & I’m standing up for myself now. I would like to share my experience with all of you out there how abusive my husband is by beating me up terribly and he had been torturing me.”

Videos and photos go viral

Fong subsequently uploaded a second video which depicts what happened apparently ten minutes after the events in the first video. Once the woman returns to the room, the couple resumes quarrelling and the beating becomes more vicious.

“This is the second session after I came out from the toilet after vomiting,” Fong explained on her page and adds that, “As you can see in this video again, he wouldn’t allow me to exit my shop & he snatched my phone to prevent me calling my mother and even beat me with the phone.”

But towards the end of the video, a woman Fong identified as her mother, is seen entering the shop. The two embrace and the other woman takes her out of the shop while the man looks on.
“My mom had really saved my life, if it wasn’t for her…. I wouldn’t be here anymore,” wrote Fong.

At the last count, both videos have been shared 26,588 times on Facebook. Fong has also uploaded 24 photos of the bruises and scars on her arms, shoulders, legs and around her collar bone. The photo album entitled, “Is this even called love when you are even becoming a dad?” now has over 2,000 shares.

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His side of the story

Chik claimed he was only trying to defend himself from his wife but admitted that he had no excuse for hitting her and showed remorse for what he had done:

“I know that there is no reason or justification for my actions and I cannot defend myself over this. It was something that I should not have done. I regret it,” he told reporters.

Chik claimed he and his wife had numerous arguments before, some of which had turned violent. He admitted that this wasn’t the first time that both had physically abused each other.
“I don’t expect anyone to understand it, and I doubt if anyone ever will,” he said.

Calvin Chik and Amanda Fong tied the knot earlier this year. But according to Chik, the initially blissful marriage soon turned sour due to Fong’s bouts of depression and the meddling of Fong’s mother.

His mother-in-law’s influence first showed itself when she insisted on tagging along for the couple’s honeymoon to Macau. Later, Fong was diagnosed with depression and often threatened to stab Chik and harm herself. Chik believes his wife’s erratic behaviour and history of depression can be traced back to her childhood:

“My wife had a troubled upbringing. Her parents separated when she was young, and she was raised by her mother and grandmother. This was related to me when we first started to know each other.”

Caught off-guard by wife’s cheating

The biggest blow to the marriage came when Chik became suspicious of mysterious messages found on Fong’s phone. He had only discovered them when trying to use her phone to surf the Internet:

“I was stunned. I didn’t know how to react to this, so I spoke with her grandmother,” he stated.

He said the both of them then confronted Fong, who admitted that she had been having an affair with an Ipoh-based Datuk. This other man had been secretly giving her money. Apparently this man had given Fong enough for new clothes, expensive dining and a new Honda that cost RM100,000.

Chik believes the Datuk, who was married, was someone she had known before she met Chik, but she was unable to break it off.

“She subsequently pledged to have nothing more to do with the man,” he claimed.

He alleged that after her admission, Amanda threatened to kill herself but her mother and Chik managed to calm her down.

Public backlash

Man caught on CCTV beating pregnant wife Injuries apparently sustained by Fong during the assaults.

The couple has become an internet sensation overnight, with public opinion divided between siding Chik and Fong. Although there are some netizens who feel that they couple are a disgrace and should solve their problems in private.


Amanda Fong has since been given court protection against her husband, Calven Chik. The State Welfare department issued a restraining order to protect Fong, due to the alleged domestic violence charges:

"The order was issued by the High Court here," stated her lawyer Datuk G. Amarjit Singh Gill during a press conference in Ipoh.

Fong now lives with her parents and had not seen Chik since the incident.

CCTV footage of the violence, which sparked widespread online furore, were handed over to the police. Fong said the abuse began over a an argument over business matters.

Sources: Asia One , The Malaysian Digest


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