Malaysian dad shares his heartbreak over baby girl's death in hospital

Malaysian dad shares his heartbreak over baby girl's death in hospital

It started with high fever and it all ended with a precious little life being snuffed out. No parent should have to go through this agony...

We would move heaven and earth to protect our sweet babies, because that’s what parents do. And no parent ever wants to outlive their child. 

But for one Malaysian couple, this is now a sad reality: they are alive, their sweet little princess is no more. 

Desmond Neo shares what happened to his baby girl  in a heartbreaking public Facebook post. 

Baby dies in Malaysian hospital, heartbroken father shares his grief

April 24th 2017

Baby Joel Neo, just 11 months old, was taken by Mr. Neo to hospital with a very high temperature of 39°Celsius, where she was admitted at 9pm. 

Doctors told him it was just fever, and treated the little girl. But four hours after being medicated, Mr. Neo noticed baby Joel’s lips changing colour. The doctor, upon checking, told Mr. Neo that this was a normal reaction to fever. 

More drugs were given to the baby, with the doctor explaining that a stronger dose was needed. The worried dad became even more concerned after this, because his little girl slipped into a very deep sleep. He also explains in his Facebook post that his girl usually never slept like this.

But again, the doctor reassured the anxious family that this was a normal reaction to the drugs. 

April 25 2017

In the wee hours of the day, little Joel’s fever soared to 40°Celsius. Mr Neo called the nurse who gave his daughter even more medicine and refused to call the doctor, even through by now Mr Neo and his family (including his wife who was six months pregnant at the time) were pleading with her to do so.

In his Facebook post, Mr Neo explains that the nurse even said that to call the doctor at that time would involve an extra RM150 charge.

The baby’s fever rocketed even higher, to 41.4°Celsius. Also, she started passing watery stools. The nurse finally called a doctor from the emergency ward to check on the little girl. 

His only advise was to sponge her with cold water and turn on the fan and air conditioner, promising Mr. Neo that this would bring down the little girl’s fever. Meanwhile, the first doctor who treated the baby still had not been called to come in and treat her. 

Mr. Neo was obviously very distressed by now, and mentions in his Facebook post that his mother helped calm him down, saying that the moment little Joel woke up, that they would take her home. 

Little did they know their baby girl would never go home again. 

She started vomiting blood and was admitted to the ICU ward of the hospital. The hapless family could do nothing but pray for a miracle. 

The doctor finally made his appearance and told Mr Neo that baby Joel would have to be sent to another hospital, as theirs was not equipped to handle the situation. 

baby dies in malaysian hospital

Rest in peace, sweet angel.

May 11

Little Joel passed away in a government hospital. 

The heartbroken father, in another Facebook post, shared the response of the hospital in relation to the management of his baby girl’s condition. The hospital refused to take any responsibility for the child’s untimely death. 

We are heartbroken too

In just a few days, Joel’s innocent young life was snatched away, leaving her parents heartbroken and mourning their girl’s untimely passing. 

Nothing will bring her back, but no doubt her parents will want some kind of justice for their baby girl, so she can truly rest in peace. 

We at theAsianparent offer our heartfelt condolences to this little angel’s family. May baby Joel rest in peace. 


*All images are from Mr. Neo’s public Facebook post

** At the time this article was published, no cause of death for little Joel was known. This article is based on Mr. Neo’s public Facebook post. 


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