Young girl in Malaysia killed by lawnmower in freak accident

Young girl in Malaysia killed by lawnmower in freak accident

The young girl died instantly when she was struck by a lawnmower blade. Two other students were injured. Read on to know more.

It was a day before Valentine’s day when a family in Malaysia lost their beloved daughter. The 14-year-old student, Nor Afini, died after a broken blade from a lawnmower sliced a portion of her skull open, killing her instantly. The Malaysian girl’s lawnmower accident happened on the field of Tuanku Abdul Rahman secondary school.

Malaysian girl’s lawnmower accident launches investigation

malaysian girl's lawnmower accident

Screenshot from The Star news video

The Malaysian girl’s lawnmower accident happened at around 10:30 am. According to an unnamed witness, a lawnmower operator was cutting grass on the field when a blade flew from the tractor.

“All of a sudden, we heard screams. Nor Afini collapsed and we were shocked to see how bad her injury was,” said the witness, who was also a student at the school. 

Reports say the victim was preparing for their upcoming Sports Day with 50 other students. One student sustained ear injuries, while another was wounded at the back of the head.

As of this writing, the lawnmower operator, aged 26, is in police custody pending investigation.  

The victim’s aunt is demanding answers as to why the lawnmower was allowed to operate while students were present. Nur was one of five siblings. Her 10-year-old brother remembers her as a fun playmate and caring big sister.

Our hearts go out to this young girl’s family and friends. May they find peace and comfort during this difficult time.

Malaysian girl’s lawnmower accident sheds light on the importance of safety around tools

Freak accidents can happen even in the safety of school grounds, or the home. So it no longer needs to be said how important it is for parents and educators to remain extra vigilant at all times.

Here are some unexpected dangers mums and dads should watch out for:

1. Lawnmowers

Even when lawnmowers are not in use, children should be prevented from playing with them. 

It’s important to NEVER let your child ride the lawnmower, even under your supervision. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) reports that they often treat children with severe injuries because of ride-on lawn mowers.

When using a lawnmower, always look behind you when backing up. Only children aged 12 and up should be allowed to use push-type lawnmowers. Ride-on lawnmowers should only be operated by those aged 16 and up. 

2. Vacuums

We previously shared the story of a mum whose toddler suffered 4th degree burns because of a vacuum cleaner. All of this happened in the blink of an eye!

So it’s important not to leave any household tools unattended, even for a few seconds, no matter how harmless they seem.

malaysian girl's lawnmower accident

Every household has hidden dangers. So mums and dads, be vigilant!

3. Treadmills

The same mum whose toddler was burned by a vacuum shared with us that another common household injury was caused by treadmills.

“I have had many messages and another big cause of friction burn is a treadmill!” she told us. It comes as no surprise, though, that exercise equipment can pose hazards to little ones.

If you do have these types of equipment at home, try to make your home gym a no-kids zone. 

4. Hair straighteners

Another unexpected hazard is your hair straightener. This beauty tool can reach extreme temperatures in a short amount of time. And they can remain hot for up to 15 minutes after they are unplugged.

One mum learned about this the hard way. 

“I underestimated how quickly he could get across the room to the table,” recalled one mum, whose 10-month-old baby was burned by an unplugged hair straightener. “He pulled at the cord and they fell.”

5. Oven

Even when it is not in use, ovens pose certain dangers. They can be an interesting playground for your curious tot. They can easily crawl into it when mum or dad isn’t looking! Make sure to apply a safety latch onto your oven door to make sure it is childproof.

And of course, don’t allow your baby or toddler to play in the kitchen while you are cooking.

6. Bathroom cabinets 

The same goes for cleaning bathrooms. Bleach and other household cleaning solutions can poison little ones when it is ingested.

Make sure not to keep cleaning products in low cabinets. Or at the very least, put a latch on these cabinets if you have no other place to store them that is out of your child’s reach.

What other unexpected dangers do you think mums and dads should know about? Let us know in the comments below!


Sources: Channel News Asia, Stomp: Straits Times, The Star

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