30 brilliant ways to make your child truly clever

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Find out the many ways in which you can bring out the Einstein in your baby even before he is born!

11. Mirror, mirror: Place a safety mirror near baby’s cot so that he can see himself. Soon enough, he’ll learn to recognise himself. The bonus is that gazing at his own reflection will keep him occupied

12. Learning through change-time: Catch your baby’s gaze while changing his diaper. By telling him what you’re doing and what to expect next, he’s learning about routines and what to expect in a sequence.

13. Tickle, tickle: Gently tickle your sweet baby. This stimulates his senses and helps you bond emotionally. It is also a step for your baby in developing a good sense of humour, a valuable emotional skill to have.

14. Massage: A good massage routine also heightens your little one’s senses, relaxes him and encourages good emotional bonding. As you massage, you can also call his body parts out loud, teaching him their names in the process.

15: Tummy time: Adequate tummy time strengthens your baby’s neck and spine and prepares him for crawling. At the same time, it stimulates his brain to encourage motor skills and coordination.

16: No screen time: No TV, ipad, smartphone or tablet can stimulate your baby’s brain as much as real human interaction can.

18. Taste: When your baby is ready for solids at around six months of age, try to introduce different tastes and textures to stimulate his sense of taste and smell.

19: Textures: Gently rub objects with different textures on your baby’s palm — a feather, a tissue, a smooth rock, dad’s stubble. This will stimulate his senses and teach him to identify different objects and textures.

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