Here's Why Make Up Sex is the Most Mind Blowing Sex Ever

Here's Why Make Up Sex is the Most Mind Blowing Sex Ever

No one likes arguing and quarrelling in a relationship but every cloud has a silver lining. Likewise, the sex that comes after a fight is the best sex ever, says science!

We all know how awful it is to get into an argument. You start with a disagreement, one thing leads to another, things escalate and it becomes an awful, full-blown argument. Now while that sucks, there’s usually a rainbow after the storm and that is – make up sex. Make up sex is undeniably intense, wild, satisfying and completely mind-blowing. 

Research shows that getting feisty with your lover can help you get frisky in the bedroom!

The science behind make up sex 

Yes, too much fighting can ruin your relationship but on the other side of the story, turns out fighting is pretty good foreplay after all.

When you and your other half get into an argument, regardless of the reason, you’re actually releasing some powerful hormones. According to a study done by the University of Valencia in Spain, there’s a rush of adrenaline, noradrenaline (a hormone and neurotransmitter)  and testosterone that trigger a state of extreme arousal!  

Of course, the anger doesn’t immediately feel sexy. See it works like this. We are biologically wired to react to threats to our relationship and this includes threats that we create for ourselves. So this notion that our relationship is under threat, coupled with the surge of hormones make the anger turn into desire.

We have an innate attachment system which is a biological system that works to keep our important relationships going. When we feel that our relationship is threatened, we automatically activate this attachment system and this increases our closeness with our other half. 

And need I mention, what better way than sex to mend a relationship that went through some turbulence? Arguments and fights tear you apart but sex restores intimacy. Sure you can talk it out but not just yet. When the dust settles, you don’t want to risk talking your way into another argument, do you? 

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All those heated arguments transfer into sexual energy.

But do exercise caution for sex doesn’t provide any real resolution to the issues at hand as make up sexis merely a result of the extreme negative emotions that occurred during the argument. People get sick of fighting and they tend to jump to the other extreme of things. Don’t end up regularly using sex as a band-aid for the anger that brews during an argument!

It offers a great alternative and definitely helps to calm things down and possibly remind you of how crazy you are over each other. When the situation is calm and it permits, don’t forget to resolve the problem. 

Here a few reasons make up sexis oh so amazing 

1. It’s all about the RUSH

As mentioned earlier, it triggers the release of hormones and it is a huge rush of adrenaline. Science also shows make up sexto have the same effects on your brains as cocaine! So who needs drugs when you can work the steam up to a good romp!

2. Anger is an aphrodisiac 

Again, hormones. Anger causes testosterone levels to rise, and this makes you fantasise more than you already do. So instead of standing around and fantasising in your head and fighting with your mouth, put your head and your mouth to better use. Just sayin!

3. Attention beats reconciliation

Half of the fights that occur in a relationship have got to do with attention to begin with. Sometimes all that yelling at each other is not actually out of rage. They are your expression of sexual frustration. Maybe it’s not the apology but a trip to the bedroom that you’re fighting for!

Look, getting your point across is one thing, getting your clothes off is another and I’m pretty sure the latter sounds like a better bet so don’t get too obsessed with conceding the argument or apologising first!

make up sex

Maybe all that fighting is a representation of an underlying sexual tension.

4. Is there a better way to say sorry? 

Yes, flowers are beautiful, a new handbag won’t hurt, and a thousand apologies might make you feel on top of the world. But really, would you rather the tongue finding the right words for a classic apology or finding its way elsewhere to give you some good vibes? 

How to accelerate your way to make up sex?

Now that we’ve established that make up sexis amazing, let’s look at some ways to get it faster. I mean, what’s the point of prolonging the fight if you do plan to end up in bed eventually?

  • Accidentally show off your assets – you know how you can magically make something drop accidentally, and bend right over to pick it up? 
  • Shut your other half up with a passionate kiss
  • Just say sorry and throw your pride and ego aside
  • Agree to disagree
  • Go down on your partner, like right in the middle of the argument, I’m not kidding!
  • Offer a compromise, not any compromise but something steamy 

So there you go mums and dads! If you’re mad at your partner over something, don’t go to bed mad tonight. Fight it out then take it to the next level. Have fun!


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Written by

Nasreen Majid

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