3 ways to make indoor play safe for your kids during the haze

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Is the haze keeping you and your little one confined indoors? Find out how to make your home a true safe haven for your precious child.

make indoor play safe for kids

The current haze in Singapore makes it hazardous to step outside with kids.

Living in our little tropical island has its fair share of benefits for families, especially when it comes to outdoor activities. But sometimes, due to tropical downpours or hot weather, it is just not possible to let your children play outside. The haze we are experiencing right now is another perfect example of this, where outdoor play could even be hazardous to your kids’ health.

When outdoor play is impossible, the only option to keep your children entertained is to let them play inside — and ensuring their safety is paramount. It’s not just keeping them safe from obvious dangers, such as the sharp edges of furniture, but also from things you can’t see, such as hidden dirt and germs.

Here are three easy and effective ways to make indoor play safe for kids, when going outside is not an option:

make indoor play safe for kids

Make indoor play safe for kids: Your little one will want to explore even dangerous places in your house. Make sure you child-proof all these spots.

1. Childproof your home

Babies and toddlers are inquisitive little busybodies with a thirst to explore every corner of your home. While this trait may keep you on your toes, it’s actually quite normal say child development experts, and contributes to your little one’s learning and motor skills development.

As much as you should encourage your child’s curiosity, it’s equally important to keep him safe as he sets out on his exploration adventures. Here are some ways you could do this:

  • Cover sharp edges of furniture with soft padding to protect your little one from nasty bumps and gashes.
  • If you live in a high-rise building, make sure access to the balcony is blocked. It’s also best to childproof your windows by fixing a specially designed grill or mesh.
  • Keep all medicines out of reach from your child and safely locked away.
  • We all know how much babies like putting things in their mouth. Because of this, do not let your baby play with objects he could choke on such as marbles, buttons and even batteries.
  • Protect all electrical outlets with outlet covers.
  • Carefully secure large or heavy items to eliminate the risk of them toppling on to your baby, should he grab onto them.
keep kids safe indoors

Did you ever stop to think that your baby’s favourite teddy bear could be home to millions of bacteria? These germs could potentially be as harmful to your child’s health as the hidden particles in the air during the haze.

2. Eliminate hidden nasties

The haze we are currently experiencing is most likely preventing you from taking your little one outside. Because of this, the confines of your living room and bedroom become your little one’s favourite play areas these days.

Unfortunately, the things that you and your little one are in frequent contact with and help you relax at home — like toys, the sofa and your bed — are also the dirtiest. These are also the most difficult to clean on a regular basis, with the potential of becoming home to a host of hidden nasties such as bacteria and other germs.

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