Does this maid's punishment of a little boy count as abuse?

Does this maid's punishment of a little boy count as abuse?

"No one likes you, even your teachers don't like you."

While the sight of domestic helpers disciplining their charge isn’t unusual, it’s not everyday we come across one threatening to abandon the child while screaming a plethora of insults at him. 

A maid allegedly did just that on Wednesday (Oct 30) evening, according to Lianhe Zaobao and a witness account on Facebook.

The kid is believed to be only six years of age.

The maid reportedly yelled: “No one likes you, even your teachers don’t like you.”

Despite the boy’s tears and begging, she stood away from him, all while threatening to abandon him at the bus stop.

Unable to tolerate any longer, a passerby confronted the helper. Rather than stop, she ignored that person and continued to belittle the child, indicating she would have his father cane him when they returned home.

The poster shared details of the incident in a group dedicated to foreign domestic workers. It has since been reposted multiple times.

Saw this from a fdw fb group and hope this can reach out to the boy’s parents. Friends please help to share. This…

Posted by Karen Wong on Wednesday, October 30, 2019

According to the posts, the boy had indeed been misbehaving. However, the original poster found the helper’s reaction “appalling” by saying things like, “I am the only one stay your house so long [sic], all the aunties (maids) left your house.”

The concerned citizen decided to share the incident in hopes of finding the kid’s parents.

Netizens had mixed reactions towards the situation. While some felt that taking care of a naughty child was tough and the maid might have been at her wit’s end, others believed there was no excuse to talk to a child in such a manner, even equating it to a form of abuse.

maid scolds little boy

Image source: Facebook


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