5 Important Lunar New Year beliefs and traditions your child should know

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Do your kids know all about the many fascinating beliefs associated with Lunar New Year or are ang baos and feasts all they look forward to? Discover the rich history behind some of these traditions as you and your family usher in a prosperous Year of the Rooster! Presented by Maybank

The Lunar New Year is fast approaching and soon your family can enjoy celebrating the exciting festivities together!

This festival is filled with many beliefs and customs and is a time when families young and old will gather for reunion dinners and to take part in other symbolic activities.

Here are some fun Lunar New Year facts you and your family can enjoy discovering together as you usher in the Year of the Rooster!

1. Why is red considered an auspicious colour to wear during Lunar New Year?

The colour, according to Cultural China, is believed to be a symbol of happiness and good fortune as it scares away bad spirits, so wearing red or bright-coloured clothes for the Lunar New Year is encouraged.

It is also highly recommended that you wear new clothes as this represents a fresh start for the New Year – certainly a great excuse to go shopping with your kids!


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Oranges are considered a symbol of good luck and wealth and are exchanged during Lunar New Year

2. Why do we exchange oranges?

Not only are oranges a healthy and tasty treat  for your little ones; but in Chinese, the word orange or tangerine sounds like “luck” or “wealth” and it is a custom to exchange them with one another as a gesture of goodwill.

The colour of oranges is also considered the closest to gold, which represents prosperity and wealth. Don’t forget to bring some along when visiting family and friends during the Lunar New Year.


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The Lunar New Year celebrations is a great opportunity to reconnect with your family

3. Why can’t we sweep the floor during Lunar New Year?

It is believed that sweeping or dusting during the festive season can “sweep away” your family’s good fortune.

But don’t let your kids use this as an excuse to not help with the household chores! Even though it’s considered bad luck to sweep or dust during Lunar New Year, all cleaning should still be done a day or two before.

It is also recommended to refrain from sweeping over the threshold of your main entrance as this signifies “sweeping away” of a family member – and for the swept up dirt to be carried out through the back door so that no harm will follow.

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