Low sugar recipes from Equal!

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Equal has introduced easy-to-make recipes that are both healthy and delicious

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Known as Asia’s most recognisable brand for sweeteners, Equal aims to promote healthy eating by introducing both sweet and savoury recipes that encourages consumers to enjoy their meals without compromising to taste. Equal has also added two new products in its range of sugar-free alternatives; Equal Gold and Equal Sugar Blend.

For consumers who are concerned about their individual health and weight management, they can opt for Equal Gold and Equal Sugar Blend.

Equal Gold is conveniently packaged in a single stick sachet and it’s made from sucralose, a high quality sweetener derived from sugar and yet, it contains zero calories! Equal Gold is recommended for reducing the risk of diabetes, which is increasing in Asia.

Equal Sugar Blend is exactly similar to Equal Gold, except that it contains sugar. However, it offers 50% less calories than sugar itself, and only requires half the amount for the same sweetness. Equal Sugar Blend also has good heat stability and quick soluble formula which makes it easy to to include in everyday meals, even baking.

Equal Gold and Equal Sugar Blend are available in major supermarket retailers such as Cold Storage, Giant, NTUC FairPrice and Sheng Siong.

Equal’s healthy eating recipes are created with the help of nutritionists and chefs such as Chef Sherie Quek and Madame Patisserie. The recipes created are simple where consumers can enjoy preparing these healthy home cooked meals, without worrying about calorie or sugar intake.

These recipes include local favourites such as sweet and sour pork and pandan chiffon cake. There will also be locally infused recipes created by Chef Sherie such as soy milk panna cotta and vanilla yoghurt mousse.

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