LOOK: 15 Funny unfashionable dads acting like fashion bloggers

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Check out these adorable dads with their own sense of style proudly share their #OOTDs on Instagram!

Just recently, we took time to scour Instagram for the best in Dad Fashion, but it turns out one instagram user had everything we were looking for.

This time, we celebrate the uniqueness of dads who don’t really care about fashion or what you think about their choices.

They’re just busy being awesome dads and having fun copying fashion bloggers who proudly share #OOTDs with their thousands of followers.

The hilarious instagram account asks dads from all over to submit a pic using the hashtag #fashiondads.

Truly, as the funny archive of dads sporting fanny packs, high-belted shorts and tube socks grows, it has evolved from a random repository of photos into a celebration of timeless dad fashion that is both relatable and entertaining to follow.

This dad knows his fans are dying to know what he wears to bed!

This dad just can’t contain his love for all things green!

YAAASSS #StPatricksDay is one of my favorite fashion holidays because it’s all about COLOR! ???????????? This is the perfect occasion to mix and match various green shades and really get bold and creative with it! Today I’m doing yard work in a classic pair of army green #CargoShorts from #FadedGloryCouture paired with a lime green #Nautica collared shirt with custom ventilation hole (it gets hot out here, y’all!). And I have to say, the #Ferragamo suspenders really pull everything together. ???????? As for footwear, these are vintage #DunlopVolleys from Down Under; and I always wear a chic ball cap for sun protection and my AM radio headset to keep up with the latest news and celeb gossip! Enjoy this special day, everyone! ???? #OOTD #GetMyLook #StPaddysSwag #HolidayStyle #AllGreenEverything #CargoCouture #FootwearOnFleek #OutdoorLooks #Yardwerkin #SkinnyArmStrong #FashionDads via @jodielah

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This dad is a firm believer in the fact that you can’t have enough pockets!

Omg I’m SO happy the weekend is here and I can get out of the office and enjoy NATURE! ????????☀️???? Today I’m doing one of my favorite looks: Cargo on cargo! Because if there’s one rule I have about fashion, it’s that you can never have too many pockets! ????????I paired a classic khaki cargo short from the #EddieBauer outlet (you know I love a bargain buy!) with a vintage #AmericanEagle cargo vest in a stunning brownish grey shade. I added a chic navy #Polo shirt, simple khaki ball cap, and my #Prada water bottle belt, because it’s so important to always stay hydrated. ???? Happy Saturday, everyone! #OOTD #WeekendFlow #CargoCouture #PocketPimpin #NeutralHues #DesignerAccessories #LegHairDontCare #NatureLover #VestLife #FashionDads via @goldsteincubed

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