Singapore mum finds dead lizard inside baby diaper

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A Singapore mum had the shock of her life when she found a dead (and possibly rotting) lizard inside baby diaper. Read her story here...

Err yes, you did indeed read the headline right. Singapore mum Vernice Lim had the shock of her life when she found a dead (and possibly rotting) lizard inside her baby's diaper.

Well, actually it was her daughter who made the horrific discovery.

Mum finds dead lizard inside baby diaper

Vernice posted about it on Facebook, "Please take a look before you let your kids wear diaper... this MamyPoko pants I bought it from Fairprice NTUC Jurong point.. "

"This is actually the 1pc of diaper taken out. . I’m really sorry because I didn’t actually look at it... was actually my Daughter the one screaming about it. ."

Netizens were understandably shocked. One mum asked, "You open how Long le ? Maybe the lizard run in and hide until die ?" 

But apparently, Vernice found the reptile in the very first diaper she took out of the new packet.

She replies, "I open immediately and took 1 diaper out... the 1st of diaper found it one... is already dead for very Long I Guess... if is opened Long ago I won’t be posting..."

In her comments, she also says she's planning to send the diapers to NEA. 

Well, please watch out mums and dads, best to examine diapers properly before letting the little ones wear them. We hope to get a statement soon from the diaper brand.

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