The little white lies we tell our kids

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Read on to learn what are the most common white lies parents tell their kids, when it is OK to tell white lies to our kids, and more!

At our home we try to follow a ‘no-lies’ rule. Although our 2-year-old is too young to follow this rule, it was made more with our 5-year-old in mind.

Our intention was to instill in her the value of being open and truthful. We have also promised her that she can tell us anything and we will not lose our cool.

white lies

A little white lie we tell our kids – “If you stick your tongue out like that and make that face it will freeze like that!”

Yes, at times keeping our promise to not lose it is harder than we thought.

In reality, the no-lies rule should apply to us parents as well — which is why I found myself rethinking the white lies I have told my daughter on occasion.

What are some of the most common white lies parents tell their kids?

– “If you stick your tongue out and squint your eyes, your face will freeze like that!”

– “If you don’t stay put and be quiet in your car seat, (pointing at a random person on the road) that policeman will arrest you!”

– “The supermarket was out of ice cream!”

white lies

“If you pee in the swimming pool, the water will turn pink around you!”

– “If you eat your veggies, you will get super strong muscles and be able to see in the dark.”

– “If you don’t behave, (pointing at a shop assistant) he will get mad at you.”

– “Of course that’s chicken! (When it is actually another type of meat)”

– “If you pee in the swimming pool, the water around you will turn bright pink, and everyone will know who did it!”

– “Soda is only for grownups.”

– (When you’re together at a toy shop) “You already have that at home”

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