Hair-raising moment a lion tries to eat toddler on live television

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At one point, the mom's instincts kicks in and tries to pry her daughter away, but this only aggravated the beast further.

After the news about Harambe’s death made headlines worldwide, another equally horrifying story took its place, this time involving a boy and an alligator at a Disney resort.

In the wake of these two terrifying incidents, the last thing the world needs is another shocking news about a child and a wild beast.

Yet in a in Mexico, it almost happened.

“A TV segment on a show in Mexico went terribly wild—when a lion went for a young baby during a live broadcast,” said a Mirror report. “The disturbing incident unfolded on women’s show Con Sello de Mujer.”

Hair-raising Moment A Lion Attempts To Eat Toddler On Live Television

The potentially horrifying incident began when two trainers led the lion toward the toddler who was sat on her mother’s lap.

Visibly uncomfortable, the toddler began fussing, and the high pitched noise she stared making seemed to trigger something in the lion.

It lunged toward the child.

Making the situation worse, the child started screaming, setting off the lion even more into attack mode.

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