10 lies celebrity mums are guilty of

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They may mean well but their fans tend to see through them when they sugarcoat their pregnancy and parenthood journey

Sure, there are the likes of Adele and Kate Hudson who have been candid about the struggles of parenting. But there are many celebrities (whom we shall not name) who have committed common lies of omission about the wonders of motherhood.

They may be great actresses but, really, they’re not fooling their fans who know when they’re leaving out some of the gory details of being a mum.

1. “My post-birth recovery was comfortable.”

Many celebrity mums project how they’re “resting comfortably” after birth. This may be true for some but for many mums, whether you’re post-vaginal or CS delivery, comfortable is that last word that comes to mind when asked about your experience post-partum.

2. “I craved fruits while pregnant.”

While this may very well be true for some mums, this isn’t always the case. Sure, it’s nice to project how they ALWAYS ate healthy while expecting but we know that, at one point or another, they craved cheesy nachos and a big juicy burger.

3. “My co-workers were very supportive.”

Not all jobs are family-friendly, especially in Hollywood. When they get morning sickness or need to breastfeed on set, we’re sure more than eyebrow was raised. They probably didn’t notice.

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