Let your kids eXplore and enjoy at eXplorerkid Singapore!

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Looking for a fun new place where your child can enjoy while learning? Then make sure you check out the coolest spot in town, eXplorerkid!

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Imagine building the ultimate playground for your kid, what would it have? Aside from the usual ball area and slides, you’d probably throw in a rope course or two.

Better yet, since your child is always climbing things, why not build a rock climbing wall that he can conquer?

Your child’s ultimate playground would be bursting with color, would have several “floors” for him to go up to and plenty of fun play-obstacles for him to overcome. But, as parents, as much as we’d love for our kids to go crazy and to just run amuck, we can’t help but think of putting in features that’d be sure to keep him safe.

Perhaps padding on the floor – or pretty much everywhere – so that no matter what, your child has a soft and comfortable landing? Why not add a couple or more adults supervising the playground, making sure that your kid is all right.

What a wonderful playground that would be! But hey, if you think that your kid’s ultimate playground is nothing more than a product of your imagination, then think again because eXplorerkid has made it a reality!

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The Cliff may be challenging, but it sure is safe, and fun too!

eXplorerkid, one of the largest indoor playground in Singapore

At eXplorerkid, children are offered several play-obstacles to overcome, but a couple of the favorites are “The Cliff” and the “Adventure Highlands” (available at the Dowtown East outlet only).

Towering at 3-meters high, the indoor rock climbing wall known as “The Cliff” is a definite must-try for children ages 4 and older. Not only does it test their agility, hand-eye coordination and concentration, but their nerves as well!

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eXplorerkid has play areas that challenge not just your kid’s agility and concentration, but their nerves as well

But if that isn’t tough enough, then your child can always head on over to Singapore’s one and only indoor rope course for kids, “Adventure Highlands.” Your child will definitely need balance and concentration to traverse this challenging- but fun! – rope course that comes complete with a suspension bridge.

src=https://sg admin.theasianparent.com/wp content/uploads/sites/12/2015/02/explore.jpg Let your kids eXplore and enjoy at eXplorerkid Singapore!

The toddler play area

For your little ones, ages 3 and below, let them laugh and have blast at the Toddler Play area. When outdoors or at the park, parents are always on edge when their little ones run around, either because they may run into something hard and hurt themselves or because they may trip and fall over.

But at eXplorerkid, parent’s don’t have to worry about that as the Toddler Play area is a cushioned play section that entails a ball pool and ample space to run around in.

In fact, the safety and security of every child is of utmost importance to eXplorerkid’s management that not only is the Toddler play area cushioned, but the wall climbing area has mattresses beneath them to provide children with soft landings. There are also several employees positioned around the vicinity to provide your child with assistance should the need arise.

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Activities like Arts and Crafts help to boost creativity

Beyond playtime – Events and activities

At eXplorerkid, while its main attraction is the indoor playground, there is a variety of other activities that are sure to tickle your child’s fancy. From arts and crafts to baking sweet goodies to take home, there will always be something fun to do.

In fact, with eXplorerkid, the learning and exploring doesn’t end in the centre, but goes beyond its walls too! Children may be signed up for daytime excursions to different educational places where they can learn new things like archery or, they could visit a nearby animal resort.

There’s also an annual Baby & Junior Race and Halloween Party that allows the children to not only have fun but to bond with their families, as well.

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Birthdays are extra memorable at eXplorerkid

Stress-free party packages

Kids are bound to have so much fun at eXplorerkid that they may want to celebrate their birthday here!

This is good news for mums and dads because eXplorerkid’s party packages grant you ease in party planning. You can be assured that throwing your child’s party here will be a totally worry-free experience, so you get to enjoy the occasion, too.

Plus, not only do these party packages make your child’s special day better than ever, they are also packages that will fit your budget. These are good for 15 children, 12 years old and below, and are priced as follows:

  • Basic (Off-peak) Package – $480 for members, $555 for non-members
  • Premium (Peak) Package – $600 for members, $690 for non-members
  • Premium Plus (Themed) Package – $750 for members, $840 for non-members

Eight different party time slots are available starting from 10:00 AM all the way to 9:00 PM. Each package includes 2 hours of party room usage. You can choose from one of three party rooms at the Downtown East outlet, and another two party rooms at AMK Hub.

Party perks that come with the Basic, Premium and Premium Plus packages are:

  • 1 party host
  • Unlimited playtime at eXplorerkid (excluding the Adventure Highlands area)
  • Games
  • Invitation cards
  • Goodie bags
  • A special gift for the celebrant

Kids’ meals are provided by an in-house caterer, and meals for adults can also be arranged. Extra services like a piñata, magic show and photo booth may also be arranged for an minimal fee.

By choosing the Premium Plus Package, you are entitled to your choice of party theme from among 5 options. The Princess and Pirate themes give your children and their friends an opportunity to play dress up.

They can also go back in time with the Dinosaur theme, off on an adventure with a Safari party, or dancing all day with the Disco theme. Each theme comes with room decor and party ware to match. DIY activities and goodie bags are also within theme.

Whatever the theme, your child will definitely have a birthday celebration they will never forget.

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Signing up once gives your child exclusive perks until he or she is 12 years old.

Membership and perks

While anyone can walk-in and let their children play at eXplorerkid, children who are members are sure to get the best value with special privileges and exclusive discounts.

Perks like Members’ Monday allows your child to play for only $4 on off-peak Mondays.

Other exclusive perks that your child can enjoy as a an eXplorerkid club member include:

  • More playtime for less
  • Privileged rates on birthday party packages
  • Invites to special events and activities
  • Exclusive discounts at FunShop

Simply sign up at the membership counters located at eXplorerkid E!hub @ Downtown East and AMK Hub, and your child, aged 12 and below, can join the club. Once he or she joins, the membership is valid until the year he turns 12.

Here’s more! Readers of theAsianparent are in for a treat with a special playtime discount. All you need to do is state the promo code TAPEK2015 to enjoy 20% off playtime rates until March 31, 2015.

So what are you waiting for? Bring your kids over to eXplorerkid and let them have fun while exploring today!



E!hub @ Downtown East

3rd Floor, E!hub, Downtown East, 1 Pasir Ris Close, Singapore 519599


#04-02 AMK Hub 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Singapore 569933

Contact number: +65 6589 1668

Operating Hours:

  • Off-peak days: Monday to Thursday, open from 12noon to 9pm
  • Peak days:  Friday & Eve of Public Holidays, open from 12noon to 10pm; Saturday to Sunday, Public Holidays, Gazetted School Holiday, PSLE Marking Days open from 10am to 10pm

Play rates and packages are available here

For more information, visit http://www.explorerkid.com

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