Preschool review: Learning Vision @ Hwa Chong

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Learning Vision @ Hwa Chong

Children getting along harmoniously at Learning Vision @ Hwa Chong

As parents, giving your kids the best quality care at all times is paramount.

If your child is still an infant and you find yourself having to go back to full-time work, perhaps you are on a search for a daycare centre that can give your baby the best possible care while you are at work.

And if your child is now a toddler, you might be looking for a great preschool that not only provides a fun, warm and friendly environment for your child, but also stimulates him or her, and sets the foundation for his or her future education.

Well, if you are on the search for a preschool/nursery that has you ticking all the right boxes when it comes to your child’s care, we think you can probably look towards the direction of Learning Vision @ Hwa Chong!

Learning Vision @ Hwa Chong

Learning Vision @ Hwa Chong

Learning Vision @ Hwa Chong Institution

Learning Vision prides itself on being one of Singapore’s leading providers of high-quality preschool care, and has a 25-year record of excellence in early childhood education.

Their curriculum gives children a head start in becoming critical thinkers and creative learners, paving the way for a love of lifelong learning.

Here are some other things the Learning Vision team strongly believes in:

  • Collaborative Partnership: They foster a strong relationship with parents and associates.
  • Culture of Excellence: They strive for excellence in everything they do.
  • Professional Conduct: They hold the highest standard of integrity, and treat everybody with respect and dignity.
  • Community Spirit: They inculcate a strong sense of community spirit in their organisation.
Learning Vision @ Hwa Cha

Learning Vision @ Hwa Chong is surrounded by greenery — a plus for young kids, who need fresh air to breathe in every day!

As a mum to a 2-year-old toddler myself, looking out for preschools is high on my to-do list these days. So I was very interested to visit Learning Vision @ Hwa Chong in leafy, green Bukit Timah.

Opened in October 2013, Learning Vision @ Hwa Chong is the newest addition to the Learning Vision family. I was greeted by Ms Karen Lee — a lady with 22 years of experience in early childhood education, and the principal of Learning Vision @ Hwa Chong.

As Ms Lee proceeded to take me on a tour of the preschool, I was immediately delighted by the tranquility and beauty of the surroundings.

She explained that kids at Learning Vision @ Hwa Chong are often taken on nature walks where they get to enjoy and appreciate the environment.

Learning Vision @ Hwa Chong

The outdoor play area at Learning Vision @ Hwa Chong

Learning Vision @ Hwa Chong: Teaching approach

The child as the protagonist

With a child-centered curriculum, at Learning Vision @ Hwa Chong, kids are viewed as active, self-directed and competent learners who initiate their own learning.

They are actively engaged in hands-on exploratory learning experiences through making independent choices and selecting their own activities.

The teacher as facilitator

The teachers at Learning Vision @ Hwa Chong plan engaging and meaningful experiences that build on the children’s understanding, and they also provide appropriate resources within the environment to facilitate the children’s learning.

Children are able to work independently as they direct their own learning in collaboration with their peers, rather than rely solely on their teachers for directions.

The process of learning is the focus

The processes of learning, rather than the end product, are the key focus in the teaching and learning process  at Learning Vision @ Hwa Chong. Experience-centred, hands-on learning encourages kids to explore, experiment, inquire, investigate, interact and discover ideas and concepts.

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